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Friday, 14 April 2017 Free Browsing Updates Official Twitter Page Now Opened, Join Now!

Nothing good like browsing free sometimes. We have successfully launched or opened our Twitter page for every prexbloggers to receive our latest updates on their Twitter timeline and I think this is another way, we would be able to reach many of them. is now 2months old and currently have 459 followers on its Twitter page. So, we will be very happy for all prexbloggers to invite their friends and families to follow us for more hot updates concerning; Flashing and installing of custom ROMs/Stock ROMs, Browsing solutions, phone and desktop Specifications with price, website tutorials (blogger, WordPress and other platforms) and many others. We would be happy if you follow us.

Follow And Join Our Twitter Official Page For Updates

Thanks and keep blazing!
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Prexblog Free Browsing Updates Official Facebook Page Now Opened, Join Now!

Wow! You can now join our Facebook page to get free browsing updates and for you to tightly stay connected to us. As we all know that Technology is advancing in daily basis and it will be very nice of you to join the page. Facebook page

However, was created on 1st Of February, 2017 and has 766 likes on its Facebook page. So it will be very nice of you to join and share the page to your friends and families all over the world. is blog of Technology and mainly based on solutions related to Technology such as browsing solutions, flashing custom ROMs, installing of custom ROMs, Technology updates, website tutorials and many more. 

So you can now join or share official Facebook page using this link below;

Join now via

We love you! We will keep only updating, only if you stay connected to us and without you, no prexblog!
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Best Commentators In The Month Of March, Take Your Reward Now! has decided to reward the best commentators on this blog in the month of March. Prexblog was created on February 1st, 2017 and it has been growing wonderfully through the help of everyone who takes his or her time to read my articles but those who comment most will be rewarded at this time.

The best commentators in the month of March are Badmus Adebayo, Ebenco Real, Bright and abdulrahman yusuf. Wow! Last month, it was just only two people but  now, four people won it! Congratulations!

I know the amount that I would have paid but till adsense run on this blog before I will start paying that that of money.

So, you can now drop your bank account numbers and details in the comment box, if only you are among those who won the best commentators of

Without everyone! No prexblog! It's never too late to become one of the best commentators of prexblog!
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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It's everytime inquiries are being made and asked on concerning the features and functions of this blog called and it's so aggravating and generally, disappoints clients to meet me on social medias which can make me feel awkward to answer a huge number of solicitations concerning an issue.

Today, i will compose this FAQ to handle and answer every one of your inquiries identified with this blog and I trust that your inquiries will have an answer in this article. So the inquiries and answers proceeds with legitimate arrangement.

1. What's prexblog? is a blog that deals with many problems relating to Technology and it's updates. As we all know that Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

However, this blog deals with the most important part of Technology which are instant solutions of; phones, computers, upgrading and downgrading of OS (operating system), phones and PC/desktop specifications, Custom ROM and Stock ROM porting with flashing, browsing solutions: MTN, Etisalat, Ntel, Glo, Smile, InterC, Cell C, Vodafone, Airtel e.t.c, web tutorials: blogger, wapka, mywapblog, installing of templates, SEO, Adsense e.t.c, Technology Updates and lots more.

2. How To Search Or Find An Article On Prexblog?

It is easy and simple to find an article on Prexblog has search box to process those requests.

Scroll down to prexblog search box and type what you are looking for, into the search box and finally, tap on SEARCH to find the article.

3. How To Comment On Articles?

It is very easy and simple to comment on prexblog articles. You can comment by scrolling down on the article you wish to publish your comment. Then type your comment and use your Google account (Gmail) to PUBLISH the comment. Learn more.

4. How To Connect To Prexblog On Social Medias?

Yea! Prexblog is available on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, BBM and many others. You can follow us or like us and enjoy more of our contents.

5. How To Receive Updates To My Phone As SMS?

You can always receive prexblog updates instantly on your phone as SMS without any charges. You just have to send PREXBLOG to 40404 and enjoy!

6. Do Prexblog have any Android App?

Yes! Prexblog has an Android application for all users to receive instant updates to their smartphone and even able to surf prexblog through the app. However, the app is Ad free and no lagging. It can be downloaded by clicking here on playstore - Make sure you give it 5-star rating.

7. Who Owns

The CEO of is Precious Agbontan who studied psychology in university of Ibadan and he lives in Lagos state but good, when it comes to Technology issues. He spent most of his time on the internet to help others.

8. Does Prexblog Accepts Guest Post And Sponsored Posts?

Yes! Prexblog accepts quality guest post and sponsored post from his users. Guest post is free while sponsored post attracts a token of $50. You can send your guest post via and click here for sponsored post.

This FAQ will always keep you updated as new questions are found.
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Friday, 10 March 2017

Group Created: Join WhatsApp Group Today

We now have a WhatsApp group. Prexblog WhatsApp group has a lot of rules and regulations that any participant will have to maintain. Orelse, he or she will be kicked out for any broken rules. However, this is the first WhatsApp group of and I created this group for prexbloggers to solve some of their problems and to stay updated to at all times.

Rules And Regulations Of Prexblog WhatsApp Group

  • Do not message the administrators via inbox because the group chat is there for you to ask questions and prexblog comment box.
  • This WhatsApp group chat based on prexblog updates such as Technology updates, Phone and tech, Website tutorials and browsing solutions.
  • Do not post any type of link to the group chat and do not post another group invitation link to the group chat because if you do that, you will be removed instantly without notice. Only prexblog LINKS are accepted.
  • Do not post any form of advertisements on the group chat such as Ponzi schemes and others because I will definitely remove the person instantly.
  • Do not tell other participants of prexblog group to message you via inbox in order to render any services or help.
  • Do not abuse, insult, swear or use vulgar words in the group.
  • Do not spam the group with link or any type of icons.
  • Prexblog administrators will not answer questions from the group chat only on blog comment box.
Thanks for reading!

Note these below:

  1. Prexblog administrators will always update the WhatsApp group with prexblog short links.
  2. Do not expect full tutorials to be posted on the WhatsApp group because is still the place you will get your updates.

How To Join Prexblog WhatsApp Group

You can join our WhatsApp Group by clicking here.

Is it helpful?

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Best Commentator Competition Starts Now For This Month Of March

By this time last month, the month that prexblog came into existence, was just new and with no improvement but through the assistant of the best commentators of last month particularly, from the competitors called Ebenko real and Bright, this blog started growing gradually. I really appreciated that.

So this month of March will be another month to compete for the golden reward from prexblog official. The best commentators has started again and three people are on their way, winning it and these people are BRIGHT, EBENCO REAL and BADMUS ADEBAYO.

For this month, I will only reward one person and when I have started running adsense on this blog, I will then start rewarding many people at the same time.

So it's never too late to join.
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Top Best 50 Free Proxy Websites And Servers List

Unlimited downloads and accessing of restricted websites, that can't open manually are mainly among the functions of proxy websites. With proxy websites or servers, you would be able to browse anonymously which means that your IP (internet protocol) and many others won't be seen.

Proxy websites -

VPN (virtual private network) has same features and functions like that of web proxy websites, only that VPN is an app while proxy websites based on browsers. I can remember, when I was trying to download PES (pro evolution soccer ) on my PC and to verify the Packages became problem, so I later make use of a VPN app called Cyberghost to change my location with my IP address and the download was successful.

For example, Glo 0.0KB which has the server to browse and download unlimited files without paying a dime, of course it has no data limit. The Glo server can be used on Uc Mini Handler by using one or more of these proxy servers in this article to download unlimited files, videos, musics, photos and many others. Do you know why? It's because of the anonymous browsing of the web proxy websites.

Not only Glo 0.0KB, other servers can be used on these proxy servers from any network providers. However, proxy websites works by redirecting your network traffics to their servers because their servers are not blocked. So here are the list of 50 web proxy websites.

List Of 50 Free Proxy Websites And Servers List

  1. Filter By Pass -  FilterByPass 
  2. Unblock My Web -
  3. Proxfree -
  4. Web surf -
  5. Muchproxy -
  6. Proxy power -
  7. SSL proxy -
  8. Stealth proxy -
  9. European proxy -
  10. Private Surf -
  11. 4everproxy -
  12. New IP now -
  13. Proxy 2014 -
  14. Proxy one -
  15. Working proxy -
  16. Web proxy free -
  17. Anonymouse -
  18. Fun proxy -
  19. The best proxy -
  20. America proxy -
  21. Roogen -
  22. Free public proxy -
  23. UK proxy -
  24. HideMeAss -
  25. Kproxy -
  26. USA Fast Proxy -
  27. Proxy site -
  28. Push proxy -
  29. Hidden digital info -
  30. Ninja cloak -
  31. Greatest free proxy -
  32. Zalmos -
  33. Hiden seek -
  34. Zend proxy -
  35. Anonymizer -
  36. Proxify -
  37. Just unlock it -
  38. Just proxy -
  39. PHP proxy site -
  40. VPN browse -
  41. King Surf proxy -
  42. Hidester -
  43. Hidemyass -
  44.  Don't filter -
  45. Quick proxy -
  46. Whoer -
  47. Hide -
  48. Hope proxy -
  49. Orange proxy -
  50. Xite now -
  51. Cyberghost - Cyberghost (extra)
These proxy websites would allow you to access restricted websites and download with free server on a particular network (if available). So use one now and enjoy!
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Saturday, 25 February 2017 Official Best Commentators For February Announced

It is not easy to win the best commentators but these people don't only win the best commentators but assist me, guide me and help me out to pass through the stress of blogging by commenting, sharing prexblog posts on social medias. Meanwhile, this blog was launched on 1st of February, 2017 but with their help, this blog keep on growing.

So I will have to reward them. I would have pay them huge amount of money but is because there is no adsense running on this blog yet. The best commentators of this blog for the month of February are BRIGHT and EBENCO REAL while the most active users are; BADMUS ADEBAYO, ABDQUADRI IBRAHIM  and USAMA MUSTAPHA. So the best commentators receives the reward and when this blog has grown, I will be paying the most active users and best commentators.

So EBENCO REAL and BRIGHT should drop their bank account details for transfer and I will pay on the 28th of February, 2017.

However, any users can win this, only if you drop comment frequently on this blog and I don't reward users every month, it depend on the time I wish to reward.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Best Commentators Of The Month Has Started On Prexblog For The Month Of February

I am very happy for the prexbloggers, especially the way they added full efforts to promote this blog ( from the beginning and from the day it was launched 1st of february 2017. I will admit that without you all, no prexblog. So that's why i have decided to start this best commentators competition earlier in order to reward the overall winner. Meanwhile, i am already seeing some of my fans whose names are BRIGHT, KOLAWOLE TOBI and ABDULSALAM IBRAHIM and i will say 'keep it up'.

Prexblog Best Commentators

Ibrahim has won this competition thrice while Kolawole tobi has also won this competition once and i think Bright has almost outrank them this month with his wonderful comments as well. As you all know me, i don't reward with recharge cards but through bank account and if you don't have any, it means you can't be paid or rewarded.

To summarize this topic, this is just to alert all prexbloggers that our Best commentators competition has commenced from this month.

Thank you prexbloggers and always stay updated for more browsing solutions, website tutorials and  phones with desktop reviews.
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Thursday, 2 February 2017 App Now Available On Playstore, Get Yours Now!

The fastest and easiest way to get notified or stay updated to Prexblog articles is by installing our application. Prexblog App is now available on playstore for Android users with many branded features you will surely like.

I will like to introduce it's features and review it for all prexbloggers.

Features Of Prexblog Android App

Download android app

  • You will always get quick notifications on any article published here on prexblog.
  • You will be able to update prexblog App whenever new update is available.
  • New themes added: you will be able to switch between any theme you like.
  • Amazing layout: there are up to five layouts which will make you enjoy reading through article according to your taste.
  • It has simple interface which will not kill your battery life.
  • It has search button; where you will be able to search through contents and read.
  • Disqus Comment system has been added; you can either Comment using it or through prexblog official website comments system.
  • You will be able to visit prexblog Official Website on any latest article published on same window.
  • It has a Download Option where your downloads are stored.
  • It has no Ads which means you can surf it freely.
  • It has no bugs and only Android 4+ kitikat and Above are supported for the installation.
  • Explore added: you will be able to receive updates from other forums too.
  • And many more.

Screenshots Of Prexblog Android App 

Prexblog Android App
Visit prexblog through the app

Prexblog Android App
Menu options

Last 24hours articles

Latest updates

All unreads

All starred

Cool themes added

Where To Download Prexblog Android App

Before you Download Prexblog App, make sure you give us 5stars rating on playstore. You can download it on playstore by clicking here and you can download it locally by clicking here (local Downloads doesn't have update).

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new Prexblog Official Website App? Have you installed yours?

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How To Drop A Comment On Article

Are you finding it difficult to drop a comment on topics or articles? Does your browser refreshes whenever you want to drop a Comment? Yea! You can do that easily by following up this tutorial. It is very easy and fast to comment on prexblog articles by using a supported browser like UC browser, Firefox, Web explorer, Chrome and other browsers except old version of Opera mini.

How to comment on prexblog

How To Drop A Comment On Prexblog Article 

There are many ways you can comment on prexblog articles which are;

  • Commenting Using Google: You can comment on prexblog by using your Gmail account. You will have to create a Gmail account and then type your comment and tap SUBMIT. Very fast and easy.
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using Livejournal: It is also easy and simple. Just register an account on Livejournal and come to then enter your comment and SUBMIT. 
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using WordPress: It is very easy and simple. Just go to WordPress and create an account then enter your username url then type your comment and SUBMIT. 
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using Typad: It is also fast and simple. Kindly create an account on typad and come to prexblog; type your comment and enter your Typad profile username and SUBMIT.
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using AIM: You can comment using account by typing your AIM username to submit your comment.
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using OpenID: Get your account on OpenID and then come back to prexblog; enter your OpenID username and your comment then SUBMIT.
How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using NAME/URL: You can comment easily by typing your username and then type in the URL you want your profile to go when is clicked. You can then enter your comment and SUBMIT. This is the fastest way too to comment on prexblog.

How to comment on prexblog

  • Commenting Using ANONYMOUS: It is very fast but you will have to verify the captcha after submitting your comment. It doesn't take time. 
How to comment on prexblog

Note: When commenting, you can also click on "NOTIFY ME" to get your updated on any comments on the article.

As you can see, is very easy and fast to comment on So start commenting now to show that it works for you.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Why I Moved To - See Reasons!

Moving from one blog to another isn't easy especially from a very popular domain name with many articles to another new one hmmm but the reasons will shock you.

The main reasons i moved from my formal blog (Blazer) to Prexblog was money making Problem (Adsense) and domain name issues. Since I have been Blogging on Blazer, I don't really make cool money the way I expected due to the adsense ban for no-just-reason. I just love my formal domain name (Blazer, Blazing, Blaze) but I know this is not the end of the world so we can't just be stagnant without improving.

move to

So blazer has a domain name issues that can't be solved which means it has alot of problems and once removed, the domain will get expired and destroyed because it was registered in a local web host (Nigeria host) that doesn't have control panel or anywhere to transfer the domain to a new domain name registrar. Meanwhile, the DNS (domain name server) was also hosted in a THIRD-PARTY Website which means it can't be stable.

After thinking about all these issues, I decided to open a new blog and bought a new domain name called PREXBLOG.COM. I know If I don't leave blazer, it will definitely give me problems in the future especially when my articles are very many and I can't just be Blogging without making money to pay the best commentators and other necessary fees. Features 

Welcome to

  • has only one admistrator called Precious Agbontan.
  • Prexblog will always Reward the best commentators.
  • Prexblog will always update about Technology updates, Website tutorials, Browsing solutions and phone with PC reviews.
  • Prexblog now has an Android app available on playstore and as .Apk
  • Prexblog domain name will stay forever.

So I have resolved blazer issues by opening a new blog which settles adsense banned and has also bought a new domain name from an international domain name registrar which means Prexblog will now stay forever.

Let's forget the past and keep moving till we reach above our heart expectations. So always stay updated on prexblog.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Welcome To Prexblog - A Blog Of Instant Solution is a blog that deals with technology updates, website tutorials especially blogger, phone and desktop solutions, browsing solutions and renders many services based on technology.

"We provides solutions to our readers like flashing of custom ROM or stock ROM and porting of ROMs as well, your phone or desktop problem solutions are always rendered instantly or from our hired engineers. Not only that, your blog problems like getting an adsense, adding widgets and many other problem relating to blogging are always posted here on Prexblog. You can also get browsing solutions from networks providers located in Africa or Asia countries like MTN, Airtel, Glo, Ntel, Starcomms, Vodafone, Visafone, Etisalat and many others and we can also get free browsing solutions from any VPNs like psiphon, psiphon A+, tweakware, Stark VPN and many others."

So we render these services or more to our readers to help them with any problems relating to technology in every of their daily basis.

With us, your instant solutions is at hand and I will like you to also invite your friends and families to also benefit from this services.

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