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Thursday, 15 June 2017

House Of Reps Summon CEOs Of MTN, Glo And Others Over Sacking Of Workers

The House of Representatives board has called the CEOs of MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat to show up today over the sacking of workers which has led to the employment losses in the Telecom sectors.

Saheed Fijabi (APC, Oyo), led the board of Telecommunications, said five organizations or companies have inquiries to the response regarding their latest actions of sacking many Nigerians without reasonable and sensible cause.

The five organizations or companies would also react to the questions on their inability to transmit to government coffers, actual taxes as a result of their actions in Nigeria.

Saheed fijabi also said, their invites followed the lack of the CEOs to appear before the board and told Daily Trust in Abuja that the board would not accept representatives of the CEOs.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

ABNORMAL: Telcos Lose 5.6 Million Subscribers In 30Days

Losing 5.6million subscriber ain't a joke in anyway and where are the subscribers switching to? I guess, are they switching to feature phone because of increase in data rate? Well, March subscribers data as unveiled by NCC (Nigeria Telecommunications Commission) that Telcos lost 1.6Million subscribers generally and the newly subscribers shows that Telcos lost 5.6million in the month of April.

This actually means that Telcos lost 5.6million in 30days even according to the data, active mobile voice in Nigeria crash from 154.4 million in March to 149.2 million at the end of April, 2017. This is not normal at all.

Among the four categories of subscribers, such as GSM, CDMA, VoIP and fixed wired/wireless operators, only GSM segment was responsible for the crash in the subscriber base.

GSM active customers decreased by 3.2 million on the 151.9 million subscribers recorded in the month March. The CDMA operators had 217,566 (Visafone had 213,106 customers, while Multi- Links had 4,460) users in April, which was same with the result recorded in the month of March.

Glo had 37.2 million customers, lost 58,727 subscribers; MTN had 58.1 million users in April, lost 2.2 million subscribers; Etisalat had 19 million customers, lost 576,120 subscribers and Airtel had 34.3 million subscribers, lost 319,803.

The only network subscribers that increased, was that of multi-links and Visafone. They had an increase of 1,559 users from March record of 100,745 which actually means that the network had 102,304 users in April.

Where do you think the 5.6million users go to? Did they switch to a feature phone or just intended not to subscribe to data plan?
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Monday, 12 June 2017

Is This Another 1GB Awoof From Etisalat?

Etisalat are working relentlessly to provide its customers with the best service ever by unleashing attractive data plans that when a certain task is completed, you get your offer. Not long ago, Etisalat unleashed an offer that gives users the opportunity to complete a certain task and get the offer instantly but here comes again, another cheap and affordable offer from Etisalat Nigeria.

As I was surfing through my Google messages today, I came across a newly sent message from Etisalat, saying; Special offer! Get 1GB For 200naira by dialling *929*10# valids for 3 days and blah blah blah... As shown below;

So, if you are using Etisalat network, you can subscribe to this wonderful plan or offer from Etisalat that gives users 200naira for 1GB. Make sure you receive the message before activation. It's wonderful indeed. Enjoy!

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MTN Latest List Of Data Plan Bundles; Subscription Codes And Price

MTN Data Plan Bundles are still the best! I will prove it to you. MTN offers nine affordable and cheap subscription data plan bundles of daily, weekly and monthly. You can choose out of them and enjoy your night and day on the internet browsing, downloading and surfing.

One of the wonderful features of MTN, is the fast network coverage they possess in terms of browsing the internet. You can never use MTN network on the internet and still regret. Unlike Glo that has the cheapest data plan bundles but their network restrict people from using the data they purchased because of poor network coverage. So come to think of it, you purchased a data plan and you where able to finish up the data without no network issues or problems and the one you purchased a data plan but having difficulties using the data? So with MTN data plan, your problems over network issues are gone!

MTN list of data Bundles

If you are using MTN network, the data plans are highly suitable for you. MTN also has a night plan which is created for those who loves to browse in the night and is very cheap and affordable. So with MTN data plans, you can download, stream videos on YouTube, Modro, Netflix and many others and even use it on your computer, laptop, iPhones, iPods, Modems, desktop and game consoles or any device that can access the internet.

It doesn't zap and doesn't need the help of Psiphon or any other VPNs to browse or surf the internet. It is stable and fast; both the day and night Plans. So if you are using MTN network, you should view the data plans and night plan of MTN below.



1. 30MB For 100Naira - This data plan might look small but there is always a time you will need a data plan for just social media or to check WhatsApp notifications  and Facebook also. You can just make use of this 30MB and it will resolve some things that day. It only lasts for 24hours and can be activated by dialling *104# or by sending 104 to 131 as a text message.

2. 100MB For 200Naira - Is this not little bit cheaper? With 100MB, you will be able to download some musics with some other Android apps. It only last for 24hours and it can be activated by dialling *113# or by sending 113 to 131 as a text message.


In this category, only one data plan is available. It's even more cheaper than the formal data plan. So with this, your quest over affordable weekly data plan is over.

3. 750MB For 500Naira - With just 500Naira, you will get 750MB to access the internet as a whole. It can be used to download throughout the day and night also. It only valid for a week which is 7days and can be activated by dialling *103# or by sending 103 to 131 as a text message.


This monthly data plans are cheap though and you will consider it more than the weekly and daily because it has longer period.

4. 1.5GB For 1,000Naira - Surf, browse, download on the internet for complete 30days with just 1,000Naira only, that will give you 1.5GB to accomplish the mission. It only lasts for a month and can be activated by dialling *106# or by sending 106 to 131 as a text message.

5. 3.5GB For 2,000Naira - 500MB added when you add 1,000naira more and you will be able to have more balance when surfing the internet because your data is there to take you through. It only valid or lasts for 30days which is one month and can be activated by dialling *110# or by sending 110 to 131 as a text message.

6. 10GB For 5,000Naira - Are you a heavy downloader? This data plan is highly recommended for you because 3.5GB won't take you throughout the month. Just subscribe to this data plan and enjoy your full month. It lasts or valid for 30days and can be activated by dialling *116# or by sending 116 to 131 as a text message.

7. 22GB For 10,000Naira - You can use this for your business or personal use when you really have the cash. It will definitely last you though out the month (30days) and can be activated by dialling *117# or by sending 117 to 131.


8. 50GB For 20,000Naira By dialling *118# to activate or by sending 118 to 131 as a text message.
9. 85GB For 50,000Naira By dialling *133# or sending 133 to 131 as a text message.


MTN Night Plan can only be used in the night for downloading, surfing and many other things. It's just like a normal data plan. So with this, you could have a sleepless night especially when you have heavy files to download. It is simple and easy to activate but you have to be on MTN ipulse before you can enjoy this offer.

So to migrate to MTN iPulse, dial *406# then send NIGHT to 131 and immediately, your MTN night data plan will be activated successfully. It's time to enjoy your sleepless night on the internet which valid from 12:00AM till 4:00AM in the night. It can only be activated once per night.


MTN Daily Data Bundles

  • 30MB for ₦100 which valid for 24 Hours by dialling *104#
  • 100MB for ₦200 which valid for 24 Hours by dialling *113#

MTN Weekly Data Bundles

  • 750MB for ₦500 which valid for 7 Days by dialling *103#

MTN Monthly Data Bundles

  • 1.5GB for ₦1,000 which valid for 1 Month by dialling *106#
  • 3.5GB for ₦2,000 which valid for 1 Month by dialling *110#
  • 10GB for ₦5,000 which valid for 1 Month by dialling *116#
  • 22GB for ₦10,000  which valid for 1 Month by dialling *117#

MTN Night Plan

  • 500MB for ₦25 which valid for One Night by sending “Night” to 131

How To Check MTN Data Plan Bundles

It is very easy and simple. You can check your data bundles by dialling *131*4# or by sending STATUS to 131 as a text message.

How To Use MTN Data Bundles On Desktop

You can use it on desktop by just inserting your MTN sim to your modem and connect it to your desktop then on your data connection and start browsing.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this MTN Data Bundles, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

MTN Quick WinD: Activate 500MB With Just 100Naira

MTN is not just a network you should commonize, regardless of the poor networks in some locations but its network has almost crossed the whole of Nigeria. Talking of awoof, MTN has its way of dashing it out because is a lucky stuff and sometimes, it circulates.

Those who have been following this blog since last year will attest that MTN Quick WinD offer was enjoyed here on prexblog and once again, the offer has showed its face and it's time, to descend on the offer before it gets blocked or locked.

MTN Quick WinD gives you free 500MB for just N100 only but the sad news is that, the offer is not meant for everybody as it selects sim. If you are lucky, you will be able to activate the offer multiple times and can even be your normal subscription plan.

MTN Quick WinD doesn't requires VPN and it valids for 7 days which is a week. You can use the data on PC, game consoles, tablets, mobile phone and of course, it can be used to browse, surf, download and do many other things without obstacle.

How To Activate The MTN Quick WinD Of 500MB For 100Naira

  • Firstly, test your line if you are eligible by dialing *446*11*4*7*5# and if you receive "Y'ello, your subscription to Quick WinD 500MB(N100) fails.". It means that line is eligible and not eligible. I hope you get? Any message other than this actually means you are not eligible.
  • Then recharge your MTN line and dial *446*11*4*7*5# to activate the offer of 500MB for N100.
  • Check your data balance by dialing *559# or *559*2# and enjoy.

Now, you can start to browse and Surf the internet while it lasts.


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Saturday, 3 June 2017

South Africa Free Browsing On MTN Using Yoga VPN

MTN, the south Africa based Telecom is really blazing hell into the land of south Africa with a new app called Yoga VPN (virtual private network). As I was surfing the internet today, I came across this free browsing settings which tends to have work for many south African according to the topic attestation. Then, I quickly remembered that I have many south African fans on prexblog, that was the reason I had to reveal it here too.

Yoga VPN is the south Africa VPN App that had been in existence for a very long time which was mainly used for activating cheat and this is the time to utilise the app for another working and blazing MTN free browsing cheat.

All you need right away to activate this free browsing cheat are; your Android, Yoga VPN App and MTN sim. I hope you can see that the prerequisites are not much? Get them all and follow me.

How To Activate South Africa MTN Free Browsing On Yoga VPN

  • Firstly, install Yoga VPN by clicking here, if you don't have the VPN application.
  • After successful downloading and installation. Launch the Yoga VPN App.
  • Then, tap on "GO" and wait for few seconds to connect. You can now minimize the Yoga VPN app and start browsing.

In this way, you can browse and enjoy the Internet without having to configure the VPN manually because is automatic and easy to connect. Enjoy while it last!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Friday, 2 June 2017

MTN Increases "Share n Sell" Transfer Fee, Checkout!

MTN had successfully updated their service once again and I noticed changes in their "Share n Sell" transfer fee. Share 'n' Fee is a service that allows customers to send their credit from their main account to families and friends with an applicable fee.

Now, the method has changed without giving prior notice. So, as from June 6 2017, Share 'n' Sell transactions will attract a nominal transfer fee, the applicable transfer fee depends on the value of the transaction. Customers will be notified about the exact fee to be deducted anytime a Share N Sell transaction is initiated. The transfer fee will be deducted only when a confirmation or acceptance to continue is received from the customer.

New method

  • From 1-100naira transfer will cost 3₦
  • From 101-500naira transfer will cost 5₦
  • From 501-1000naira transfer will cost 10₦
  • From 1001-5000naira transfer will cost 10₦

This changes will take effect in June 6, 2017. Transfer made easy and simple.

What do you have to say about MTN Share 'n' Sell new charges?

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Settings On Psiphon VPN

Just some time ago, I kept seeing a message on WhatsApp but I don't really understand it until I discovered that is another proxy server of free browsing. Then, I decided to put it on test and voilà! It actually works especially on syphon shield VPN. I think this new MTN 0.0KB will definitely add to the available Glo 0.0KB and Etisalat 0.0KB cheats.

To those whose mind are already curious in activating this cheat, kindly note that this MTN free browsing cheat on Psiphon VPN selects sim and in most cases, it doesn't work on all MTN SIM. You have to activate this cheat in your own luck.

How To Activate MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing On Psiphon VPN

It's unlimited, it selects sim card, it can work on PC with the help of Pdanet+, it get stable in most times, and in most cases depends on network. Is not a new free browsing Tweak but was reconfigured.

  • It's easy and simple to activate. Just download Psiphon VPN or download syponshield VPN by clicking here.
  • Mark Remove port
  • Proxy type - Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server -
  • Real proxy type - HTTP
  • Real proxy port - 80

  • Tap on OPTIONS and select UNITED STATE as your region and tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP
  • Insert as Host address
  • Insert 8080 as Port

  • Now, connect your VPN and if it connect, enjoy!

This Tweak is the current MTN Tweak floating around. It need to be used and enjoyed while it lasts.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How To Get And Earn Free Airtime On GeoPoll App, Checkout!

You can now get and earn free airtime on GeoPoll App. GeoPoll is a mobile surveying app platform transforming the way data are collected and received. It is very easy and simple to earn through this app by just allowing the app to conduct a survey with you. In doing this, you will be able to share your voice and opinions with the world even their partners includes organizations, businesses worldwide and non-profit.

How GeoPoll Works 

Yea! You will always earn money when you complete the survey task. GeoPoll will always send you a survey to complete but your information is safe and collected anonymously and they also promised never to share your personal identifiable information. The questions they ask are very simple with options to answer and sometimes, you input answer yourself.

GeoPoll airtime can be used to make calls, transferred to another number and can also be used to subscribe for data. This app generates alot of airtime that's why you should opt for it.

How To Join GeoPoll And Start Earning Airtime

  • Just download the GeoPoll app on playstore by clicking here.
  • Then register with your phone number and use this code 61MXLAH as your invitation code from friend to earn more.
  • So, you will be getting survey which when completed, you get free airtime.
How To Redeem Your Airtime

Once your money completes N100, you should tap the REDEEM button and get your airtime automatically recharged into your phone number via VTU. So the networks supported are Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN.

You can also share your referrals link to get more airtime credit particularly on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social medias.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

MTN Planning To Acquire DSTV And GOTV

The South Africa telecommunications company, MTN is said to be having discussions with Multi-choice Africa, concerning the sale of the Multi-choice company. Meanwhile, the parent company of MultiChoice Africa is the franchise owner of DSTV and GOTV.

Although, selling Multi-choice company won't affect the South African division of the TV network but however, the plan have not been made public.

See the statement below;

“A sale is one of a number of options being considered by Africa’s biggest company by market value, and a final decision hasn’t been reached. Naspers and MTN Group have briefly discussed a deal for MultiChoice Africa, but no agreement was reached”.

MTN and Naspers confirmed on Thursday that they are still in talks about sharing TV content, video-on-demand services on smartphones.

Do you think is good for Multi-choice to be sold to MTN?
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Bot That Can Answer And Solve All MTN Problems And Issues

As I was browsing through my timeline on Facebook, I stumbled on a Facebook page which I decided to make query of MTN issues because of its Facebook page description and amazingly, it replied me instantly with the problem. I decided to get little information about the Facebook page but later discovered that the Facebook page was a Bot programmed with artificial intelligence.

I think this bot will be able to solve some of your related MTN issues and problems rather than disturbing MTN officials on Twitter (@180). This Bot is called Temzy.

When you go to Temzy Facebook page, just tap on "SEND MESSAGE" and it will reply you instantly with any MTN issues. I think this is another way to solve any personal issues you have with MTN than calling MTN customer care who will delay you forever.

What do you have to say about the MTN Bot?
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

MTN Deny The Sudden Price Increase Of Recharge Cards

The price hike of MTN recharge card had led MTN consumer to voice their woes and pains. Now, MTN has finally reacted to their constomers complaint saying that they "has not increase the price of their recharge cards".

According to Adekunle Adebiyi, acting Sales and Distribution Executive of MTN, "the cost of recharge cards still remains the value stated on the vouchers. This means that the recharge card has not been increased and the real price is stated on MTN vouchers. 
He continues; "we hereby use this medium to inform all our subscribers that we have not increased the prices of our recharge cards. Any increment from any quarters across the country on our recharge cards is without our knowledge, and we urge all our customers to always pay the exact value advertised on the cards,
Speaking further, "While we are working assiduously to resolve claims of illegal increases, we apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this might have caused. Alternatively, we advise our customers to explore other options of purchasing airtime such as MTN Virtual Top Up (VTU), Diamond Yello Account (DYA), or MTN Auto Top-up. For more information on these services, please visit,’’ 
I think they should resolve this issue by warning the retailers because you can't tell any retailer to sell recharge card contrary to their will.

What do you have to say about this?
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MTN Consumers Decry Recharge Cards Price Hike, To Stop Patronage

This is becoming worse everyday as recharge cards price keep increasing. For the past two weeks or more, the South African owned MTN network, sent a message to all customers about the sudden price hike of recharge card and for consumers to stop patronising any retailer who sales above the normal amount. N100 cards sell for N110, N200 for N220 and the list goes on.

Now, here comes the retailers, wholesalers and consumers voicing out their distress about the sudden price hike of recharge cards.

A retailer in Agric, Ojo, Lagos, Madam Otobo, says; “we buy N100 card for N100, from wholesalers how can we now sell at the same amount? Do we sit all day selling cards for charity? They then go and place an advert that people shouldn’t pay more. It’s not acceptable. Other cards are still normal price.”
A subscriber in Ajegunle, Mr. Johnbull Agbarakwe; "the solution can only be to stop patronizing them. They have done this before and people moved to other networks. They seem to forget so soon that their monopoly was broken because of their greed. Glo came with per second billing. The last time they did this I bought an Airtel sim card, now this. 
“The only challenge is that people that use them for browsing might find it difficult to use other networks because of bonuses. They are probably doing this to get back at government for the fine they are currently paying. What they fail to realise is that it’s the masses that suffer. The NCC cannot say they are not aware of this. MTN is getting too comfortable, we should continue to battle with them till they stop taking us for granted.”
A wholesaler in Surulere, Seyi Akerele; “The solution might be for the wholesalers to stop buying their cards. Retailers are not united enough, if one doesn’t sell, another would sell. By the time three to five wholesalers refuse to pick up the cards for a week, with the population in Lagos, I believe MTN will get the message. They should know that they are not the only network available us.”

Everyone are currently waiting for MTN statement concerning the issue and a fix for the sudden price increase of recharge cards.

How much do they sell card in your area or location?

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NCC To Sanction Telcos For Poor Service Delivery

Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) said yesterday that is set to sanction any Telcos (MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat) who are performing below the industrial average with poor service delivery.

Prof Umar Dambatta, Executive Vice Chairman made the threat during an investigative session. This was his statement;

"The key performance indicators (PKIs) of the NCC when applied to the services of the telcos showed that they were performing below par. This got to the highest level especially in the months of October, November, December 2016, he said. 
“We invited the operators and laid bare what was happening to the quality of service which has degraded to unacceptable level,” he said, adding that NCC will be taking compliance action to compel the service providers to provide acceptable standard of service delivery. 
“The NCC is going to impose sanction, and there will be ranking on the quality of service so Nigerians will know which to patronise"

The NCC will impose sanction, and start ranking the best telcos that provides quality good service so that customers will know which to patronise.

NCC will be taking compliance action to force the service providers to provide standard and quality good services.

What do you have to say about this?

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Friday, 5 May 2017

How To Subscribe Glo, Etisalat, Airtel And MTN Night Plans

Night plans are the best! You might wonder why I wrote that statement, yea! Night plans are good in some ways that you would be able to enjoy your browsing peacefully in night without any network disturbance or issues and night plans are more cheaper than the normal daily, weekly, monthly subscription plans even on all the networks in Nigeria.

MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel has now introduced more cheaper and affordable night data plans to their customers. So you can now browse, download, surf, stream online videos, watch online matches, play online games and of course, it can be used on all the devices such as game consoles, iPod, Android devices, iOS devices, windows and many other devices that is capable to access the internet.

So, if you download heavily and need to download heavy games or you want to do things on the internet quickly, I will recommend night plans for you. Night crawlers and Invigilate people, here comes with the night plans subscription codes, validity periods and price.

MTN, Glo, Etisalat And Airtel Night Plans

FOR MTN - This night plan is awesome, cheap and affordable. It can be used to browse on any devices. If you are the type that download heavily, you should option in for this night plan. With just 25naira, you would get 500MB to browse from 12:AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

  • Just go to your SMS message.
  • Then send NIGHT to 131 and your night plan will be activated with just 25naira only.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR AIRTEL - This night plan is one of the best night plans and Airtel users are really enjoying it to the fullest. They have two affordable night plans for their users which a heavy downloader and surfer has to choose from. The 25naira For 500MB and the 200naira for 1.5GB. So let's see how to activate.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then migrate to SmartTRYBE by dialling *312# and reply with 1 for migration.
  • Then dial *312# again and reply with 3 for Trybe Night Browsing.
  • You will then see the two Airtel Night Plans (25Naira for 500MB and 1.5GB for 200Naira). You can select anyone you wish to activate.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning and can be checked by dialling *140#.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR ETISALAT - The fastest network in Nigeria. Their night plans are little bit expensive hmmm but the speed alone, would make you purchase more because speed is internet! With 200naira, you would get 1GB and the other night plan is just 50naira for 250MB.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then dial *229*3*11# to activate 200naira for 1GB Etisalat data plan which valid from 12AM till 5AM.
  • The second data plan can be activated by going to dialpad.
  • Then dial *244*1# to migrate to Easy clique Tariff.
  • Now dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for 50naira which valid from 12AM till 5AM.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR GLO - Yea! We all know that Glo is the grandmaster of data plan but their network might be a deal breaker especially in some locations that experience low connectivity. However, Glo night plan can be used to download and browse on any devices that can access the internet. Meanwhile, they only have one affordable night data plan. With just 200naira, you would get 1GB data.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then dial *127*60# to activate the 200naira for 1GB night data plan.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

It's very easy and simple.

I hope you can see how very cheap the night plans of all the networks in Nigeria are? They are affordable and never zap.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate any of the data plans? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

MTN To Increase GoodyBag Subscription Price, Checkout!

All telcos are really looking for a way they will gain from their customers in all ramifications even in the time of economy crises and the way is by increasing the price of their products and services. Not long ago, that Glo reduced the volume of their data and Etisalat followed suite as well.

So, this afternoon, MTN sent a message to all their users about the forthcoming change of GoodyBag subscription price which is more better than Glo sudden change in data price without giving prior notice. The message goes like this;

"Dear customer please be informed of a price change of your GoodyBag plan from 8th May 2017. New prices are N25/day, N50/wk and N150/mth. Dial *559*25# to see your plan"
As shown below;

This actually means that all GoodyBag subscription prices will be increased from 8th of May 2017 and this only affect the monthly subscription plans. So, monthly GoodyBag plans of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Eskimi, 2go and other social medias will be increased from 60naira to 150naira.

Yea! This is serious. What do you have to say about this?
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Monday, 1 May 2017 Now 3 Months Old: See The Best Commentators!

Wow! owned by Precious Agbontan now complete 3 months old in this month of May with unexpected tremendous ranks coming from different search engines and social medias through the support of my lovely fans.

I am the happiest man on earth seeing the supports from all prexbloggers especially those who spent their time reading my articles, those who comment on my articles, those who share my articles to their friends from various angles, those who use the name of prexblog as backlink from different websites and those who always try to visit this blog. I really want  to say thank you guys for your full-time support over my success.

To those who I ignored their messages and mails, am very sorry for that, is due to my active busy mode. Without prexbloggers, no prexblog and nothing really can make it lively or active without you people. So, I really appreciate.

Prexblog completed these 2 months with good social media and members statistics that I will unveil below;

  1. Facebook Page - Up to 800 Likes
  2. Twitter - Up to 400 Likes
  3. Quora - Up to 40 followers
  4. Instagram - Up to 400 followers
  5. Facebook Group - Up to 9,100 people joined
  6. BBM channel - Up to 103 people joined
  7. WhatsApp 1 & 2 & 3 - Up to 600 joined
  8. YouTube - Just started though, 1 subscribed
  9. Email subscriber - 13,000 subscribed
  10. SMS subscribed - 8,001 subscribed
  11. LinkedIn - 2,670 followers 
  12. Our Android app installed - 100+ on playstore and thousands of people on normal.
  13. And lastly, we also got an Adsense.

So, in just 2 months, we made this? Hmm, this is awesome because they were through your support. Thanks and let's keep blazing. Meanwhile, we now have two domains;

Those are my websites but they are same. You can always send us Mails via our e-mail; or

Now, lets announce the best commentators of the month because through their support also, we have been moving forward because is not easy. In this month, I will reward only 4 best commentators out of active 8 best commentators because that's was our agreement before the competition commenced.

Yea! I have a tool that is specially designed to read the best comment for every month and the tool will be unleashed to announce it today because no partialities.

Best commentators of in the month of April

1.BRIGHT - 608 comments
2. EBENCO Real - 371 comments
3. ABDULRAHMAN YUSUF - 233 comments
4. OLALEKAN OOLATUNDE - 163 comments

Other active commentators are; Isah Adamu Baush of got 111 comments, Rashidi got 83 comments, Akinremi Seun got 85 comments and Badmus Adebayo got 95 comments for this month.

You guys really tried and I love that so much. Now that we have got an Adsense, by next two months our best commentators system will change.

Thank you very much guys and your efforts has really blessed this blog. The best commentators should drop their bank details below in the comment system. Thanks.

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Is This Recession? MTN Nigeria Sacks 280 Long-serving Workers

MTN, the South African telecoms firm, sacked over 280 long-serving Nigeria employees from it's company, in a major job cut that affected about 15% of the company’s entire Nigerian workforce.

Many of those sacked spent up to 15 years in the company even when MTN starts it's operation in Nigeria in 2001. Those affected by the new move of MTN include some 200 permanent employees and 80 contract staff across various groups, ranging from graduates to senior managers.

The affected workers were given a dejected severance 75% of their gross monthly income multiplied by the number of years with the company. This actually means that if one work with MTN, one will be paid three weeks of their gross salaries times five.

MTN now 16years in Nigeria and the severance package given to them makes the workers feel pain and discontent. Senior managers with 15 years of service was given 15million and most of the staffs got less than 5million.

I hope you can recall that MTN recorded nearly $1 billion in profit in 2016 but was however, fined heavily by the government for failing to disconnect 5.2 million unregistered subscribers.

Let me end this here. Those affected workers have agreed to leave the company voluntarily and the reason for this sudden sack were as a result of "the changing dynamics of the telecoms industry in recent times".

I think MTN had calculated that they won't be able to pay their workers salaries in the future due to the recent economic crisis in Nigeria that's why they immediately sacked some of their long-serving workers.

What do you have to say about this sudden sack of MTN employees?

Source - premiumtimesng
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

How To Send Free Unlimited SMS On MTN Network

You can now send free SMS to all MTN users without paying a dime and this is wonderful in such a situation that you got zero credit remaining on your phone but SMS is your only hope and to avoid wastage or burning of recharge cards, this method of sending free SMS should also be an instant solution. For me, I no more buy recharge cards to recharge my phone even my SMS is now free.

Are you surprised? Yea! You should but it's only for MTN users and your recipient has to be an MTN user also. It's easy and simple to send because it's just like the normal way you send SMS. The most intriguing part of this method, is that it saves strength and can be done in the comfort of your home. So, let's go activating it.

How To Activate Free Sending Of SMS (Messages) On MTN Network

  • It requires 0.0kb otherwise, your money will be touched.
  • It works on any type of phone even torchlight are allowed.
  • All SMS messages are for free of charge.
  • It only works on MTN to MTN network.
  • You can send unlimited messages.

  1. After that, go to your text message.
  2. Tap on Create Or Compose Message.
  3. Then write your message.
  4. Now, type the recipient or receiver's phone number by adding "38708" without quote in the beginning of his or her number e.g 3870808133835509.
  5. Then tap on SEND button and the message will be sent for free.

This is how to send free SMS messages on MTN network without paying a dime. You can send unlimited messages without any charges. It's awesome!

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this?
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Saturday, 29 April 2017

See The Best Apps That Gives Free Airtime Without Working For It

Are you looking for Apps that can keep generating free airtime for you without working for it on any network in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat? Yea! There are many of them out there which when apply little effort, can generate a lot of airtime for you. These apps make use of VTU transfer and this will really be of help to pass through this economy crises without buying recharge cards for subscription and calls. Since i came to know about these apps, i have never buy recharge card even throughout the year 2017.

In this article, i will list out top 5 best Apps that can generate airtime for you without stressing yourself or paying real money for it. Why i love this, is just the ability to make use of the airtime because the airtime can be used to subscribe for data, call friends and families in Nigeria and overseas, share to friends and subscribe to network campaigns. Are you surprised? lets go on and unveil them one by one.

Top 5 Best Apps That Generates Free Airtime Without Working For It

1. GeoPoll: This android app is so great that it can generate free airtime immediately, you carried out their survey which entails just a few questions and the most intriguing part is that they have different type of survey that attracts different amount of money. The questions are so simple and sometimes requires you to input your answer. The more you complete their survey, the more your money increases and at a minimum of 100 Naira and above, you will be able cash out or withdraw. Meanwhile, you can also use their referrals to earn. To start, kindly click here to join and use this code 61MXLAH to earn faster.

2. Raadaa:  The system for earning from Raadaa, based on website which means they do not have an android app or iOS app. You can earn free airtime by referring your friends and families and each referred attracts 50 naira. Can you see how wonderful it is? Yea! its very good and portable because no stress only to refer and earn huge money. You can cash out any amount from 100 naira and above. To join, kindly click here now.

3. Sliide Airtime: This app works through your phone locks and it generates money from that process of providing you latest information and not only that, you can answer surveys and earn airtime with some other features to earn are; watching of videos, playing of games online and lots more. More importantly, it based on referrals and you can withdraw or cash out 50 naira and above. To join. kindly click here and use PREXBLOG to earn faster.

4. Mcent Browser: This app gives you free airtime only when you browse your favourite sites using the app and its easy and simple earning with this method. Download the browser now and start earning.

5. My Genie: This method or system is totally different from other apps. It functions in a different way that it supplies free airtime to anybody who uses the app to download and such person can earn free 200 naira. Its so amazing right? yea. Join now by clicking here.

These are the ways to earn free airtime from the comfort of your home without stress and hassle. In daily basis, i cash out not less than 200 naira from any apps that have my desired amount. So lovely and cool.

Is it helpful? Which of the apps do you use?

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