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Saturday, 22 April 2017

How To Get And Earn Free Airtime On GeoPoll App, Checkout!

You can now get and earn free airtime on GeoPoll App. GeoPoll is a mobile surveying app platform transforming the way data are collected and received. It is very easy and simple to earn through this app by just allowing the app to conduct a survey with you. In doing this, you will be able to share your voice and opinions with the world even their partners includes organizations, businesses worldwide and non-profit.

How GeoPoll Works 

Yea! You will always earn money when you complete the survey task. GeoPoll will always send you a survey to complete but your information is safe and collected anonymously and they also promised never to share your personal identifiable information. The questions they ask are very simple with options to answer and sometimes, you input answer yourself.

GeoPoll airtime can be used to make calls, transferred to another number and can also be used to subscribe for data. This app generates alot of airtime that's why you should opt for it.

How To Join GeoPoll And Start Earning Airtime

  • Just download the GeoPoll app on playstore by clicking here.
  • Then register with your phone number and use this code 61MXLAH as your invitation code from friend to earn more.
  • So, you will be getting survey which when completed, you get free airtime.
How To Redeem Your Airtime

Once your money completes N100, you should tap the REDEEM button and get your airtime automatically recharged into your phone number via VTU. So the networks supported are Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN.

You can also share your referrals link to get more airtime credit particularly on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social medias.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Glo And Etisalat Now Working Perfectly On QueenCee Version 8

Wow! After waiting for Tweakware and Stark VPN to set and reconfigure their VPNs by adding more stable servers to their Tweak bundles but they seems not to reply or even set it up while prexbloggers are already hungry for free browsing especially the Etisalat and official Glo free browsing which has unlimited data. So, I have finally found a VPN called QueenCee upgrade of version 8.

QueenCee VPN was formally used on heavy free browsing till Psiphon VPN took over but it's now back again to resolve all issues and the version 8 is now stable with unshakable connection that you will love to stream that your important videos, download those PS2 games, play online musics and lots more.

In any case, this version 8 comes with feature to save your settings unlike the formal version that wipes settings. Now, you can now save your free browsing settings and it will be intact.

The Etisalat and Glo free browsing are still the booming tweaks at the moment. You will get more as you stay updated on So let's go on!

Requirements For GLO And Etisalat Free Browsing

  1. The QueenCee VPN can be downloaded by clicking here.
  2. Strong 3G network or LTE.
  3. You Etisalat sim or Glo sim card.

How To Set Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On QueenCee Version 8

  • After successful download, open your QueenCee VPN and configure below;
  • Proxy type - Real host
  • Proxy server -
  • Then leave the other settings and tap on OK
  • Choose "Tunnel Whole Device" and it will connect automatically or better still, tap on START.

How To Set Etisalat Free Browsing On QueenCee version 8

  • After successful download, open your QueenCee VPN and configure below;
  • Proxy type - Real host
  • Proxy server -
  • Then leave the other settings and tap on OK
  • Choose "Tunnel Whole Device" and it will connect automatically or better still, tap on START.

The Glo is unlimited free browsing while the Etisalat capped at 60MB and is working for everyone and any device. So, connect and enjoy!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Friday, 14 April 2017 Free Browsing Updates Official Twitter Page Now Opened, Join Now!

Nothing good like browsing free sometimes. We have successfully launched or opened our Twitter page for every prexbloggers to receive our latest updates on their Twitter timeline and I think this is another way, we would be able to reach many of them. is now 2months old and currently have 459 followers on its Twitter page. So, we will be very happy for all prexbloggers to invite their friends and families to follow us for more hot updates concerning; Flashing and installing of custom ROMs/Stock ROMs, Browsing solutions, phone and desktop Specifications with price, website tutorials (blogger, WordPress and other platforms) and many others. We would be happy if you follow us.

Follow And Join Our Twitter Official Page For Updates

Thanks and keep blazing!
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How To Get Free Airtime To Subscribe And Call Using Raadaa

In this current economic situation of Nigeria and other countries, everyone must make money to pay the tax of their subscription fees for the internet because almost everything is now made of Technology and is advancing everyday with high consumption of internet data. So, provides browsing solutions to solve or reduce the way people purchase data for Internet purposes and that's why you have to always stay updated.

There is now a mobile site called Raadaa that the main purpose is to share and monetize contents for individuals, organizations and authors including newspapers, articles, research papers, blogs and many other things. So if you are an author, you can always share your content and earn revenue in this platform by sharing your contents for people to read for free.

However, any user can make free 50naira on users they bring to the website or any user that registered though their referrals link. It is easy and simple to REDEEM your money as a recharge card.

Features And Benefits Of Raadaa

  • The earned money will always be paid to your network as a recharge card.
  • It can be used to make calls and call friends with families.
  • The recharged money can be used for subscription of data plans.
  • It is a normal credit.
  • It is easy and simple to handle.

How To Join Raadaa To Make Money For Subscription Of Data And Others

  • Firstly, visit Raadaa by clicking here.
  • Then sign up and a verification mail will be sent to your email, just go to your email and tap on the link to verify.
  • After that, login your Raadaa account and Tap on BECOME AN AGENT to open where you will get your referrals link.
  • So, copy the referrals link and share to friends and families on social  medias to earn money.

Note: One person referred gives you Free 50naira. So keep sharing till you get more than that.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any issues or problems while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Glo And Etisalat Free Browsing Working On Tweakware Version 6.0

Wow! Tweakware has successfully added more free servers to their official VPN App to solve the Etisalat 0.0KB and Glo 0.0kb issues such as the epileptic slowliness, poor network and many other bugs. So, with the latest version of Tweakware 6.0, you will be able to resolve many issues concerning the connection.

If you are complaining of buying premium servers, you are now free because in this latest version of Tweakware 6.0, you are provided with 30 free servers to connect with and each servers contains 350MB. When you are disturbed on any server, you can decide to switch to other servers. So, bye to premium servers!

Features And Benefits Of Tweakware Version 6.0

  • Bugs that affects the Etisalat 0.0kb resolved successfully and other bugs fixed.
  • 30 free servers now added for you to connect freely without disturbance.
  • More stable than the previous version.

So, if Glo is stable in your location, you can enjoy more of Glo in any thing you want to do in the internet.

Where To Download Tweakware 6.0

The latest version of Tweakware 6.0 can be downloaded on playstore by clicking here or local download by clicking here.

APN Settings For The Etisalat 0.0KB And Glo 0.0kb On Tweakware 

See the APN settings below;

NAME: Prexblog
APN: Smile
APN TYPE: Default & Supl
PROXY: Leave it empty
PORT: Leave it empty
Leave username and password empty.

Once you are done, just launch or open your Tweakware 6.0;

  • Then tap on Server list and select any of the 30 free servers or use premium if you wish.
  • Then tap on the Tweak list and select; Etisalat 0.0KB or Glo 0.0KB.
  • Then tap on CONNECT.

This is how to connect with the latest version of Tweakware.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to connect, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Monday, 10 April 2017

MTN StartPack - Enjoy 500% Bonus On Every Recharges For 6Months

Wow! MTN StartPack is a wonderful and special Tariff Plan that enables users enjoy Free extra 500% bonus on any of their recharges. The people who loves calling will definitely love this temporary Tariff Plan. It is only available for new MTN Sims.

It works when you recharge 100naira and above on your new registered MTN sim. Assuming, you recharged 100naira, you will get free 500naira added to the 100naira you recharged making 600naira. So, in every recharges, Free 500naira will always be added.

It can be used to make calls, send SMS, browse the Internet and to get FREE 10MB in every recharges of 200naira & above with some other exciting offers.

Benefits Of MTN StartPack Tariff Plan Offer

  • You get free 500% bonus on any recharges of 100naira above.
  • You get Free 10MB on every recharges of 200naira and above.
  • You can browse, call and send SMS to all networks in Nigeria with the credit.
  • You will also get some other exciting offers.

Features Of MTN StartPack Offer

  • It is only available to New MTN customers who just registered and activated their MTN sim.
  • The Free 500% bonus valids for 6months and will be received in a dedicated account.
  • The Airtime bonus valid for 7days and when recharged again, the validity period will be extended.
  • The Airtime bonus can be used to call, send SMS and browse all websites.

Note: This offer is only available to all new MTN users and once you migrate out from the Tariff Plan, you won't be able to receive the offer anymore and each bonus lasts for 7days.

Is it helpful? What do you have to have to say about MTN StartPack Tariff Plan?

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How I Earn Airtime To Subscribe For Data, Make Calls And Transfer To Friends

There is now an App called GeoPoll which I have posted here before on and has gotten many users but some prexbloggers doesn't know how to earn with it. Hmm, that's the reason I wrote this article in order to give them the absolute ways to earn with the app.

Yea! I do get 3,000naira Free Airtime from GeoPoll and after cashout, I would subscribe to a data plan, call my friends and colleagues, transfer to my families and leave the remaining on my smartphone. Wow! The 500naira for 2GB from MTN network still remains my best data plan.

GeoPoll can automatically recharge your line regardless of your network, be it MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel. It has a simple method of allowing users to earn and cashout their cash unlike some apps.

How I Earn Airtime Using GeoPoll

GeoPoll App deals with completion of a survey task. You will be asked simple questions which will have the amount of airtime you will get after the survey questions.

See the type of surveys and how to complete the tasks;

Media survey: It is easy and simple to complete the questions and when successful, you get instant Free 50naira. It is very sure that you will get it.

Normal survey: This questions attract Free 15naira. It is very easy and simple to complete the survey.

Supermarket survey: In this survey, your questions will be of going to a nearby supermarket to take a photo of an oil bottle, water bottle and some things. It is easy and simple to complete this, just go near a kiosk around your area and take a photo of their stuff and you will get a whooping 600naira worth of airtime.

Can you see that the surveys are wonderful? Imagine getting the supermarket survey for at least 5 times, that would be 3,000naira free airtime which will enable you SUBSCRIBE without purchasing any data plan.

See Testimonies of the those that has cashed out and has gotten a lot of airtime from GeoPoll below;

So if you are interested, you can learn how to join by CLICKING HERE.

Is it helpful? How much have you earned on GeoPoll App and what's your experience?

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How To Subscribe Glo, Etisalat, Airtel And MTN Night Plans

Night plans are the best! You might wonder why I wrote that statement, yea! Night plans are good in some ways that you would be able to enjoy your browsing peacefully in night without any network disturbance or issues and night plans are more cheaper than the normal daily, weekly, monthly subscription plans even on all the networks in Nigeria.

MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel has now introduced more cheaper and affordable night data plans to their customers. So you can now browse, download, surf, stream online videos, watch online matches, play online games and of course, it can be used on all the devices such as game consoles, iPod, Android devices, iOS devices, windows and many other devices that is capable to access the internet.

So, if you download heavily and need to download heavy games or you want to do things on the internet quickly, I will recommend night plans for you. Night crawlers and Invigilate people, here comes with the night plans subscription codes, validity periods and price.

MTN, Glo, Etisalat And Airtel Night Plans

FOR MTN - This night plan is awesome, cheap and affordable. It can be used to browse on any devices. If you are the type that download heavily, you should option in for this night plan. With just 25naira, you would get 500MB to browse from 12:AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

  • Just go to your SMS message.
  • Then send NIGHT to 131 and your night plan will be activated with just 25naira only.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR AIRTEL - This night plan is one of the best night plans and Airtel users are really enjoying it to the fullest. They have two affordable night plans for their users which a heavy downloader and surfer has to choose from. The 25naira For 500MB and the 200naira for 1.5GB. So let's see how to activate.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then migrate to SmartTRYBE by dialling *312# and reply with 1 for migration.
  • Then dial *312# again and reply with 3 for Trybe Night Browsing.
  • You will then see the two Airtel Night Plans (25Naira for 500MB and 1.5GB for 200Naira). You can select anyone you wish to activate.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning and can be checked by dialling *140#.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR ETISALAT - The fastest network in Nigeria. Their night plans are little bit expensive hmmm but the speed alone, would make you purchase more because speed is internet! With 200naira, you would get 1GB and the other night plan is just 50naira for 250MB.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then dial *229*3*11# to activate 200naira for 1GB Etisalat data plan which valid from 12AM till 5AM.
  • The second data plan can be activated by going to dialpad.
  • Then dial *244*1# to migrate to Easy clique Tariff.
  • Now dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for 50naira which valid from 12AM till 5AM.

It's very easy and simple.

FOR GLO - Yea! We all know that Glo is the grandmaster of data plan but their network might be a deal breaker especially in some locations that experience low connectivity. However, Glo night plan can be used to download and browse on any devices that can access the internet. Meanwhile, they only have one affordable night data plan. With just 200naira, you would get 1GB data.

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Then dial *127*60# to activate the 200naira for 1GB night data plan.
  • It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

It's very easy and simple.

I hope you can see how very cheap the night plans of all the networks in Nigeria are? They are affordable and never zap.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate any of the data plans? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

MTN Loses 714,000 Internet Subscribers, Checkout!

It's so very bad! Nigeria's telecommunication networks lost 1,275,573 internet subscriber in February, with MTN losing the highest subscribers of 714,700 users.

The Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC revealed its internet subscribers for the month of February. The publication shows that internet users on GSM and CDMA networks dropped from 91,304,755 in January to 90,029,182 in February. Not only that, it also shows that 90,029,182 which was dropped in February, 89,998,873 were on GSM network and 30,309 were on CDMA network.

Meanwhile, the GSM network losts 1,275,573 internet subscribers as they recorded 89,998,873 users in February as against 91,274,446 that were recorded in January.

So now, let's come for the main networks in Nigeria. MTN lose 714,700 internet users in February as they recorded  31,015,405  in january.

Glo lose 143,787 Internet subscribers from 27,076,272 Internet users in January and now had 26,932,485 internet subscribers in February. Airtel lose 149,801 internet subscribers from 19,618,485 in January and now had 19,468,684 in February.

Etisalat had a decrease of 267,285 users from 13,564,284 customers in January and now 13,296,999 internet subscribers in February.

I hope you can see that MTN losed a lot of customers in the month of February? So what do you have to say about this?
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Glo Weekend Data Plan: Get 3GB With Just N500

Enjoy your weekend with Glo weekend data plan! Glo is one of best network that provides its users with cheap and affordable data plans to enjoy in the night, day, weekend and of course, monthly, weekly and daily. So during the weekend, you can enjoy one of the cheapest 3-Day weekend data from Glo.

It can be used to browse, Surf, download, play online games, watch live videos, watch football videos and many others. It is very possible to use it on many devices such as iPod, iPhone, Android, Game console, modem, PC and other devices that can access the internet.

So let's see how to activate the Glo weekend data plan of 3GB for just a little token of N500 only.

How To Activate 3GB For Just N500 

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to your dialpad.
  • Then dial *777# and press 1 for 3G Data services.
  • Then press 1 to Buy Data.
  • Then press 7 to select NIGHT AND WEEKEND PLANS.

  • Then finally press 2 to purchase the 3GB with just 500naira only.

So with this, you would be able to make enjoy your weekend data plan from Saturday 12AM till Sunday 11:59PM in the night.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Glo Network Seems To Improve Nowadays, Checkout!

Glo yesterday is no more Glo of today because their network speed is now very fast particularly in Abuja and some other states in Nigeria. Before now, Glo network is so frustrating to the extent that you will want to throw your smartphone on the ground. I can remember the time I subscribed to Glo Data Plan but was unable to make use of my data haha I felt like fainting and even got frustrated that I had to call their customer care to rain insults on them.

I think Glo has finally decided to follow other networks step. Glo network and speed is now very fast and very good in Abuja and Jos.

See the speed on 3G network;

If Glo can improve the internet speed and their networks in some locations, I think they will of no doubt, improve other states and locations internet experiences.

Is Glo network now good in your location or state?
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Etisalat Remote Tweak Blocked, See Other Free Browsing!

The most used free browsing from Etisalat had been blocked by the administrators of Etisalat around March 17, 2017 by 6:00 PM. Meanwhile, it was a loophole but it has been locked. I think this was done by some people who actually released the Etisalat Remote Tweak proxy server because this has led to many cheat being blocked and not only that, it can also be that some traitors has report the free browsing cheat to Etisalat and Etisalat agents doesn't think twice as they will report the issue to the Officials and will definitely block any loophole by upgrading their network.

However, Etisalat Remote Tweak is not only the free browsing cheat available. There are unlimited and free browsing from two different popular networks in Nigeria, Glo and Etisalat. I can still remember when I downloaded up to 16GB file using Glo unlimited free browsing and Etisalat daily capped data made my day by checking my notifications and many others. It is so amazing when you use 4G LTE on VPN to boost the Glo server. In any case, I believed many people knows about it but not everyone.

Will you still mourn for a cheat when UNLIMITED is around? Of course, is impossible. Always stay connected to prexblog as browsing solutions are always unleashed when they are available.

For GLO:  So if you decide to browse unlimitedly with your Glo network,  you can option in for Glo 0.0KB unlimited free browsing by clicking here. It downloads, Surf, browse and can be used to power all Apps through the help of VPNs.

For Etisalat: As we all know that Etisalat is one of the fastest network in Nigeria when it comes to browsing the internet because their network never disappoints its users - very stable. Its free browsing can be used without paying a dime but not unlimited. It is just 60MB daily limit. You can learn how to activate it by clicking here.

So you can see that there are still free browsing on Etisalat and Glo. Always stay updated to prexblog for updates.

Is it helpful? How many data do you use?

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Group Created: Join WhatsApp Group Today

We now have a WhatsApp group. Prexblog WhatsApp group has a lot of rules and regulations that any participant will have to maintain. Orelse, he or she will be kicked out for any broken rules. However, this is the first WhatsApp group of and I created this group for prexbloggers to solve some of their problems and to stay updated to at all times.

Rules And Regulations Of Prexblog WhatsApp Group

  • Do not message the administrators via inbox because the group chat is there for you to ask questions and prexblog comment box.
  • This WhatsApp group chat based on prexblog updates such as Technology updates, Phone and tech, Website tutorials and browsing solutions.
  • Do not post any type of link to the group chat and do not post another group invitation link to the group chat because if you do that, you will be removed instantly without notice. Only prexblog LINKS are accepted.
  • Do not post any form of advertisements on the group chat such as Ponzi schemes and others because I will definitely remove the person instantly.
  • Do not tell other participants of prexblog group to message you via inbox in order to render any services or help.
  • Do not abuse, insult, swear or use vulgar words in the group.
  • Do not spam the group with link or any type of icons.
  • Prexblog administrators will not answer questions from the group chat only on blog comment box.
Thanks for reading!

Note these below:

  1. Prexblog administrators will always update the WhatsApp group with prexblog short links.
  2. Do not expect full tutorials to be posted on the WhatsApp group because is still the place you will get your updates.

How To Join Prexblog WhatsApp Group

You can join our WhatsApp Group by clicking here.

Is it helpful?

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Top Best 50 Free Proxy Websites And Servers List

Unlimited downloads and accessing of restricted websites, that can't open manually are mainly among the functions of proxy websites. With proxy websites or servers, you would be able to browse anonymously which means that your IP (internet protocol) and many others won't be seen.

Proxy websites -

VPN (virtual private network) has same features and functions like that of web proxy websites, only that VPN is an app while proxy websites based on browsers. I can remember, when I was trying to download PES (pro evolution soccer ) on my PC and to verify the Packages became problem, so I later make use of a VPN app called Cyberghost to change my location with my IP address and the download was successful.

For example, Glo 0.0KB which has the server to browse and download unlimited files without paying a dime, of course it has no data limit. The Glo server can be used on Uc Mini Handler by using one or more of these proxy servers in this article to download unlimited files, videos, musics, photos and many others. Do you know why? It's because of the anonymous browsing of the web proxy websites.

Not only Glo 0.0KB, other servers can be used on these proxy servers from any network providers. However, proxy websites works by redirecting your network traffics to their servers because their servers are not blocked. So here are the list of 50 web proxy websites.

List Of 50 Free Proxy Websites And Servers List

  1. Filter By Pass -  FilterByPass 
  2. Unblock My Web -
  3. Proxfree -
  4. Web surf -
  5. Muchproxy -
  6. Proxy power -
  7. SSL proxy -
  8. Stealth proxy -
  9. European proxy -
  10. Private Surf -
  11. 4everproxy -
  12. New IP now -
  13. Proxy 2014 -
  14. Proxy one -
  15. Working proxy -
  16. Web proxy free -
  17. Anonymouse -
  18. Fun proxy -
  19. The best proxy -
  20. America proxy -
  21. Roogen -
  22. Free public proxy -
  23. UK proxy -
  24. HideMeAss -
  25. Kproxy -
  26. USA Fast Proxy -
  27. Proxy site -
  28. Push proxy -
  29. Hidden digital info -
  30. Ninja cloak -
  31. Greatest free proxy -
  32. Zalmos -
  33. Hiden seek -
  34. Zend proxy -
  35. Anonymizer -
  36. Proxify -
  37. Just unlock it -
  38. Just proxy -
  39. PHP proxy site -
  40. VPN browse -
  41. King Surf proxy -
  42. Hidester -
  43. Hidemyass -
  44.  Don't filter -
  45. Quick proxy -
  46. Whoer -
  47. Hide -
  48. Hope proxy -
  49. Orange proxy -
  50. Xite now -
  51. Cyberghost - Cyberghost (extra)
These proxy websites would allow you to access restricted websites and download with free server on a particular network (if available). So use one now and enjoy!
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From MTN, Etisalat, Glo And Airtel

Are you looking for the USSD code or SMS code to borrow credit or airtime from the best network providers in Nigeria which are MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel? Yea! It is sometimes good to borrow airtime particularly when you run out of airtime or credit. So in this article, I will write about the codes to perform this action on different network providers in Nigeria.

Some people only knows about the code to borrow airtime from their network provider but what of other networks? It is must to be conversant with these codes in order to get used to the codes and when in emergency, you will be able to remember and rescue yourself out. That's why you have to bookmark this page into your browser for reference purposes or future use, so that it will be very easy for you to open this page anytime you want to borrow credits from the network you forgot their codes.

Not only that, you might be in the case that you are cashless, or not in place to purchase airtime and has no airtime. So your next option, would be of borrowing credit or airtime from network providers.

It is simple and easy to borrow credit or airtime. So let's see how to do this.

How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From Glo, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel

It is easy and simple because we will be making use of  USSD codes to the job faster.

1. How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From Glo: Yea! to borrow credits or airtime from Glo network will require you of using a 4-digit PIN and is very easy to create. You must use Glo at least 4months before you would be eligible to borrow credit from them. Not only that, their service charge is just 10% which means if you borrow 100naira, you will be credited with 80naira while the 20naira goes to Glo and when you pay back, the 100naira will be removed.

  • So to borrow credit from Glo, you just have to dial *321# and create a 4-digit PIN of your choice e.g 2567
  • Then borrow the credit by dialing *321*pin*amount you want to borrow#. E.g *321*2567*100#.

Yea, your ordered airtime will be credited to you instantly.

2. How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From MTN: It is easy and simple to borrow credits or airtime from MTN. This borrowing feature is only available for those who recharge 500naira monthly and their service charge is 10% which means  if you borrow 1000naira, you will be credited with 900naira while the others goes to MTN and your next recharge will be charged 1,000naira.

  • So to borrow airtime, just dial *606# and follow the on-screen to complete transaction.
  • The credit you ordered will be credited instantly.
So enjoy!

3. How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From Etisalat: It is very easy and simple to borrow credit or airtime from Etisalat network because you only require USSD code hmmm just like others though. This borrowing of credit feature is only available to those who recharge 900naira monthly and it attracts service charge of 10% which means if you borrow 200naira, 20naira will be deducted successfully and will go to Etisalat. Your next recharge will instantly pay borrow credit of  the borrowed 200naira.

  • So to borrow airtime or credit from Etisalat, you will dial *665*Amount# e.g *665*500#.
  • Your ordered credit will be credited instantly!


4. How To Borrow Credit Or Airtime From Airtel: To borrow credit or airtime from Airtel is very simple and easy (just like Etisalat method). To borrow credit will attract 10% charges from Airtel which means when you load 200naira, you will be charged 20naira and given 180naira. On your next recharge, will pay the borrowed airtime. To be qualified for this service on airtel, you will have to recharge at least 250naira monthly and must be a consistent subscribers for at least 3months.

  • To borrow credit on airtel, just dial *500*Amount#. For example, *500*1000# to borrow 1,000naira.
  • Your ordered airtime will be credited instantly.

So enjoy!

With these ways to Borrow Airtime and Credit On MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel, will always help you on daily basis. So you can learn the codes.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Glo Night Plan: Get 1GB For Just 200Naira

Enjoy your night with Glo Night Plan! Glo is one of the best network in Nigeria and is also known as the grand master of data plans because of their affordable and cheap data plans. So their night plan will help you perform all tasks on the internet particularly, in the night. Well, Airtel still has the cheapest night plan.

It can be used to browse, surf the internet, stream videos, play online games and can also be used on PC modem, game console and other devices that has the ability or compatibility to access the internet. When you activate this data, you will only be able to use it in the night. Let's see Glo night plan.

How To Activate Glo Night Plan

  • Just recharge 200Naira on your Glo network.
  • Then go to your dialpad or phonebook.
  • Then dial *127*60# to activate Glo Night Plan of 200Naira for 1GB
  • After activation, you will have to wait till 12AM in the night and browse till it expires before dawn, 5AM.

How To Use Glo Night Plan On PC

Just activate the glo night plan on your smartphone and then remove the sim card and insert it to your PC modem and plug it to your PC then switch on your data connection and start browsing.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Glo Night Plan and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How To Transfer Credit Or Airtime On Etisalat, MTN, Glo And Airtel Network

Are you looking for a way to transfer credit or Airtime on Glo, Etisalat, MTN and Airtel networks? Yea! You can do that with just an easy step with the use of USSD code or through SMS messages as well. With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to transfer credit from Glo to Glo, MTN to MTN, Etisalat to Etisalat and Airtel to Airtel. So let's see how to transfer your credit or Airtime on all these popular networks in Nigeria.

How To Transfer Credit Or Airtime On All Networks In Nigeria

Transfer credit or Airtime
Transfer credit on MTN, Glo, Airtel And Etisalat

It is very easy and simple. You just have to dial *223*Pin*Amount*Phone Number# and your credit will transfered successfully. You can also transfer credit on Etisalat by going to Etisalat Service Menu in your menu list. So after you have located it, just tap on Balance transfer and enter the default pin 0000 then enter the amount and send. You can also change your default pin in the service menu.

FOR AIRTEL NETWORK: It is easy and simple. You will need a transfer PIN which is the pin that should only be kept by you, otherwise,  people will be able to transfer your credits without your consent. So to change your transfer PIN, kindly send;

Pin Old Pin New Pin as SMS to 432 e.g Pin 1234 9090. Airtel default pin is 1234 to 432. So after you have successfully changed your pin to what you will remember, then you can now transfer your credit by sending 2U (space) Recipient’s phone number (space) Amount (space) Pin to 432 as a text message. E.g Example: 2U 08122903773 100 1234 to 432.

FOR GLO NETWORK: It is easy and simple. To transfer credit from one Glo sim to another, just dial *131*recipients phone number*Amount*Pin# then send. Example: *131*07053633719*100*12345# and after you filled it, it will tell you to press 1 to confirm and 2 to cancel. Default PIN is 00000.

You can change or create new Glo ME2U transfer pin, dial *132*00000*New Pin* New Pin# then send.

FOR MTN NETWORK - It is also easy and simple. Before you can transfer any credit on MTN network, you will have to create a secret pin which will only be known by only you in order for other people not to transfer your credits without your consent or permission.

To Change PIN on MTN: You can change your Transfer Pin via SMS or USSD code. For SMS, send Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777 e.g 0000 1234 1234 to 777 and for USSD code, just dial *601* default/old PIN* New PIN* New PIN# e.g *601*0000*1234*1234# and if you enter it correctly, you will receive a message that your Pin has been changed successfully.

To Transfer Credit On MTN: You just have to send Recipient's number Amount Secret PIN to 777 as a text message e.g Transfer 08065655230 200 1234 and send it to 777  and to transfer credit on MTN using USSD, you just have to dial *600*Recipient’s phone number*amount in Naira*PIN# then press Send/Ok. If you enter it correctly, you will receive a message confirming successful transfer.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to transfer credit on MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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How To Upgrade To Premium Account On Tweakware

Enjoy unlimited browsing with Tweakware premium account. Tweakware is a VPN that allows you to browse, stream and download unlimited files when connected. It is very fast and easy and can power whole device which means it has the power to connect all over your applications depending on the proxy server you are using.

Yea! Tweakware is free but it has a premium and normal account for usersWith normal account, you will be able to browse and surf at a data limit per day which means, when your daily limit has reached, Tweakware will automatically disconnect. With premium account, you will be able to browse and download unlimited files without any data limit and with no stress unlike normal account. So premium account is the best but is not totally free.

How To Purchase Premium Account On Tweakware

Tweakware premium account plans;

Tweakware - You can buy or purchase 1month premium account for just 500naira and you can buy or purchase 3months premium for just 1,500naira. They accept MasterCard, verve, visa and of course they accept perfect money, PayPal, VoguePay and bank deposit methods of payment.

How To Pay Using Perfect money, MasterCard, Verve, PayPal, VoguePay

  • Then click on BUY PREMIUM.

  • Then select your package, your package duration and payment method then tap on CONTINUE to make payment.

  • Then after payment, connect to your tweakware vpn and enjoy!

How To Pay Using Deposit or Bank Transfer

  • Then select any plan of your choice and send the money into one of these banks below;

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0154418576

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0059298924

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3092687207

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2061546369

  • After payment, you will send your payment details like package name, teller number (or transaction ID/alert/remarks in a case of ATM/USSD/mobile banking/internet transfers), sender's name, bank name, amount paid and registered username an send them to this number as sms 07031682716 or email them to
  • Within 24hours, your account will be verified and upgraded.

How To Connect Your Premium Account To Tweakware VPN

  • Just download Tweakware application by clicking here.
  • Then tap on SETTINGS at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Then tap on ACCOUNT SETTINGS and login with your registered username and password.

  • Then go back and connect with those country servers and enjoy unlimited free browsing depending on the tweak, you are using.

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Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to purchase or connect this, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!
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Monday, 20 February 2017

Recession: Telecoms To Block WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Calls And Videos

As we all know that Economic crisis in the country is really hitting businesses hard to the extent that telecom industry have opted for a serious plan which might not be favourable to the masses.

Telecoms companies are now complaining of the revenue losses from international calls and are afraid they may lose between N20tn and N30tn, or so, by the end of 2018. Their plan now is by blocking subscribers from accessing Skype and other Over-the-Top services like WhatsApp in order to recover their losses.

This means that you won't be able to make calls or video calls on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and other OTT services.

Telecoms operators said that; the international calls is really affecting their revenue because of Nigerians large population over foreign countries and right now, subscribers have opted for alternative to international calls by using Skype, WhatsApp call, Facebook Video calls e.t.c and is really affecting their revenue.

SOURCE - Punch

What do you have to say about this? Should they make this move to stop Facebook video calls and other OTT services?
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Glo Now Gives Free 4G LTE Smartphones To Data Subscribers

Receive your 4G LTE smartphone today from Globacom! Nigeria’s Telecommunications service provider, Globacom, has started giving it's data customers or subscribers who subscribed to the special 4G LTE data plan, free 4G LTE smartphones. Glo 4G LTE offer

Globacom said;
"Any subscriber who buys its 75GB LTE data plan for N75,000 would get a smartphone worth N75,000 with features including a 13-megapixel camera, dual SIMs, 5-inch screen and 2GB RAM. 
"For a N60,000 60GB 4G LTE plan, the subscriber gets a 4G smartphone worth same amount with 8-megapixel camera, while anyone who subscribes to the N48,000, 48GB data plan would get a 4G smartphone worth N48,000 with a 5-megapixel camera smartphone.

"The company said that the offer would enable Globacom subscribers who do not have 4G smartphones to experience the “exceptional speed” of the Glo 4G service. 
"Glo Mobile offers the most innovative services and data plans at  affordable rates. With this special free 4G LTE smartphone offer, we have once again demonstrated our resolve to always give our subscribers the best value. It cannot get better than this,” the statement added.
So several cities in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Jos in Plateau State, Warri in Delta State, Eket in Akwa Ibom State, Benin City in Edo State, Yola in Adamawa State and Zaria in Kaduna State have the opportunity to connect to Glo 4G LTE network.

If you want to join the most advanced network (4G LTE), you will have to buy and register a 4G LTE SIM or swap your existing SIM for a 4G SIM, get a 4G phone and dial *777# to buy a data plan from Glo.

You can as well visit the nearest Gloworld shop to connect to Glo 4G LTE network and enjoy the best from Glo.


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