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Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to Browse with 9mobile "Free YouTube Streaming" Offer

9mobile the Nigeria and some other countries network with the fastest internet connection in many locations. In fact, is the most innovative product and services.

Recently, they added another offer to those who purchase monthly data plan. Any monthly data plan purchased might gives you "Free YouTube Streaming" offer.

Those on 9mobile morecliq are always given "Free Cliq4DNite data bonus" to browse from 12AM - 5AM and in this YouTube offer aspect, customers who purchased the monthly plan might be given free YouTube Streaming bonus.

In this tutorial, if you are given the Free YouTube Streaming bonus, you will be able to convert the YouTube bonus to 2GB of data and at the same time, browse over the night.

How to Browse with 9mobile YouTube Streaming bonus

  • Make sure you have received the YouTube bonus which says; "Enjoy free YouTube streaming from 1AM-5AM daily.". As shown below;

  • Now, in the night, download anonytun VPN app by clicking here.
  • Then, tap on "Stealth Settings" and toggle it on.
  • Set Connection protocol to HTTP and set Connection port to 8081.
  • Toggle on the "Custom TCP/HTTP headers" and tap on the "EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP header

As shown below;

  • In URL/HOST input;
  • Set Request method to POST and set Injection Method to NORMAL.
  • Under extra headers; tick USER-AGENT and KEEP-ALIVE.
  • Finally, tap on GENERATE and SAVE.

  • Go back home and connect.

Enjoy the YouTube free browsing bonus on all applications and anything that can access the internet.


This was brought to you by SAMUEL KANU, one of the most interactive prexblog members.
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Prexblog New Mobile Application Comes with Forum Feature, Upgrade now!

Good news! There is now a superb feature added to Prexblog mobile Android application to make communication more easy and simple.

This feature is called a "Forum". It is a place where prexblog users will be able to interact with one another and at the same time, help each others. Meanwhile, the forum is still new and it's only you that can develop it by creating attractive topics to get followers.

In this forum, users can create topics on any of the available forum categories, which are: Education, Religion, technology, sales/markets, love talks, entertainments, and arts. The aforementioned categories consists of many allocated forums e.g the technology forum category consists of phones, browsing solutions, computers, programming, and many more.

Meanwhile, the "forum" feature is integrated into our official mobile Android application on the latest 8.0 version. So, to get this forum feature, you need to download our official app via playstore or if you have formal prexblog app version, kindly upgrade.

Features of Prexblog Mobile Application

1. Prexblog updates notifications: This feature will always alert you whenever there is a new post or article published on prexblog official website.
2. Forum added: This feature will allow you create topics, share topics, comment on peoples post, follow people, read peoples profile and solve your problems instantly.
3. Themes added: You will be able to switch between different colors available on the app.
4. Easier commenting system: You will be able to comment easily on prexblog official website through the application.
5. Offline activities: The app comes with offline feature that will allow you read updates without using data connection.
6. Explore more features...

Where to Download Prexblog Application

Prexblog Application is available on playstore for download. You can download Prexblog Mobile Application by clicking here (remember to give us 5-star).

Join Beta testers

Join Prexblog Application Beta to test our latest app update that is yet to be launched, even before the normal users get the update. Go to playstore>>search prexblog and tap on it>>scroll down and join our Beta tester.

What's your say about the app?
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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Free WiFi to be Launched in All Nigerian Universities by Surfwella

Cyberspace Network Limited, an INDIGENOUS 4G operator, is launching a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative which will connect all universities in Nigeria in order to boost students academic performance and research works. The free WiFi facility known as Surfwella will be made available to all Nigeria universities today.

The Free WiFi will first be made available to university of Abuja followed by Lagos State University (LASU), University of Lagos (UNILAG) and college of Agric, Lafiaji. This will be launched across all universities in Nigeria.

According to Olusola Bankole, the Chief Marketing Officer, Surfwella, said the service will be on "no payment, no subscription, no data purchase, and no need for modems basis".

He added that, "its our own form of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is all about empowering the students to be globally competitive, and access to free Internet is the best way to empower the next generation.”

What's your say about this?
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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Smartphone Offer: 9mobile Free Data for Complete 1 Year

9mobile - formally known as Etisalat Nigeria, are trying possible means to give all new smartphone users classic bonus to enjoy the best of their networks by unleashing Free 1 year complete data bonus.

How it works

This bonus works perfectly when you get get a new smartphone and activate 9mobile network. First activation gives you instant 1.5GB data valid for 30 days plus 100% data bonus on any monthly data plans you purchase for the first 6months and 50% data bonus on any monthly data plans you purchase for the second 6months.


This bonus can be enjoyed by existing and new 9mobile users. You can insert old or new 9mobile sim and still get the data bonus from the newly purchased smartphone.

How to Activate the Free 1 year bonus

Get a new smartphone and open the phone box, you would found a PIN which you will send as SMS to 8186 or better still, dial it in a form of USSD code *8186*PIN#.

Immediately, the data bonus will be activated on your SIM and the two data bonus will valid for 12months which is of course, a year. You can always check your data bonus by dialling *228#.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new 9mobile offer?

Reference - Etisalat Nigeria
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

9mobile Latest List Of Data Plan Bundles: Subscription Codes And Price

Wonderful 9mobile data plans! Nobody will have tell you that 9mobile is the fastest network when it comes to browsing and surfing the internet even when downloading huge files. 9mobile has all types of data plans that will suite your needs like daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, night plans and weekend plans.

The data plans can be used to download, stream, play online games, watch online videos, watch live matches and many more. Why I love these 9mobile data plans is the speed it gives to users when browsing. Can you imagine buying a data plan and later regret due to slow connectivity and other network issues. It's so frustrating but when you purchase one of the 9mobile data plan, you would never regret even getting the lowest plan. So speed is internet!

In any case, it can be used on modem, game console, PC, windows, iPod, smartphone, iPad, iOS, Android and many other devices that can connect to the internet. So, is now your choice to choose the best data plan from the list.

9mobile Data Plans, Validity Period And Subscription Codes

9mobile has weekly, monthly, weekend, night, daily Data Plans that will definitely suite your needs. Let's go on!

Daily Data Plans

1. 10MB For 50Naira - This type of data plan is for checking notifications and instant messaging app notifications on any latest updates but you can also decide to use it on any application or browser of your choice. It can be activated by dialling *229*3*8# or by sending MI3 to 229 as a text message and it valid for 24hours which is 1day.
2. 40MB For 100Naira - This type of data plan is so amazing. Hmm, you might wonder why I said that. It is amazing and awesome in a way that it can be used to access all applications and browsers on all devices. With just 100Naira, you get 40MB but it is very small for a core downloader. It can be activated by dialling *229*3*1# or by sending MI1 to 229 as a text message. It valid for 24hours which is 1day.

Weekly Data Plan

3. 150MB For 200Naira - This is better than the 100naira for 40MB plan. With just 200naira, you will get 150MB data to browse and download anything you like even on PC. To activate, dial *229*2*10# or by sending LCD to 229 as a text message. It valid for 7days which is a week.

Monthly Data Plans

4. 500MB For 500Naira - This plan is very good for those who need affordable data plan to surf and browse the internet. With just 500naira, you can browse the Internet for complete full month as 500MB would be given to you. To activate, dial *229*2*12# or send LCD2 to 229 as a text message. It valid for a month (30days).

5. 1GB For 1,000Naira - If you love to download heavily, I will recommend this data plan for you because it's affordable and can be used on all devices. To activate, dial *229*2*7# and it valid for 30days which a full month.

6. 1.5GB For 1,200Naira - Add 200naira and you would get additional 500MB. So with just, 1,200naira, you will get 1.5GB to browse and surf the internet. To activate, dial *229*2*25# or send AND11 to 229 as a text message. It valid for a month (30days).

7. 2.5GB For 2,000Naira - Only 2,000Naira can get you 2.5GB data till a full month. Download, Surf, browse and enjoy your month because it's affordable. To activate, dial *229*2*8# or send AND2 to 229 as a text message. It valid for 30days.

8. 4GB For 3,000Naira - If you download heavily and like to browse, download and Surf the internet even on your PC, you can option in for this data plan. It's affordable. To activate, dial *229*2*35#. It valid for 30days.

9. 5.5GB For 4,000Naira - It's cheaper, It's affordable and recommended for both smartphones and PC users. To activate, dial *229*2*9#. It valid for 30days.

10. 11.5GB For 8,000Naira - This is highly suitable for heavy downloaders and can also be shared in office through Hotspot or for friends and neighbour. To activate, dial *229*2*5# or send MB6 to 229 as a text message. It valid for 30 days.

All 9mobile Data Plans (Night, Weekend, Monthly, Daily And Weekly)

  • 50Naira For 10MB by dialling *229*3*8# and valid for 1day
  • 100Naira For 40MB by dialling *229*3*1# and valid for 1day
  • 200Naira For 150MB by dialling *229*2*10# and valid for 7days
  • 500Naira For 500MB by dialling *229*2*12# and valid for 30days
  • 1,000Naira For 1GB by dialling *229*2*7# and valid for 30days
  • 2,000Naira For 2.5GB by dialling *229*2*8# and valid for 30days
  • 2,500Naira For 3.5GB by dialling *229*2*26# and valid for 30days
  • 3,000Naira For 4GB by dialling *229*2*35# and valid for 30days
  • 4,000Naira For 5.5GB by dialling *229*2*36# and valid for 30days
  • 8,000Naira For 11.5GB by dialling *229*2*5# and valid for 30days
  • 10,000Naira For 15GB by dialling *229*4*1# and valid for 30days
  • 18,000Naira For 27.5GB by dialling *229*4*3# and valid for 30days
  • 27,000Naira For 30GB by dialling  *229*5*1# and valid for 90days
  • 55,000Naira For 60GB by dialling *229*5*2# and valid for 120days
  • 84,992Naira For 100GB by dialling *229*4*5# and valid for 30days
  • 110,000Naira For 120GB by dialling *229*5*3# and valid for 365days

9mobile Night And Weekend Data Plans

  • 500Naira For 1GB - Its weekend data plan. It works on all devices and valid for Friday 11:59pm - Sunday 11:59pm and can be activated by dialling *5995*2#.
  • 200Naira For 1GB - It works on all devices and can be used only in the night because it is a night plan. It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM which is 1day. You can activate it by dialling *229*3*11# and enjoy!
  • 1,000Naira For 2GB - It works on all devices. It is evening and weekend data plan which valid from (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend. It can be activated by dialling *229*3*12# and valid for 30days.
  • 2,000Naira For 5GB - It can be activated easily and works on devices even smartphones and PC. It valid from (7PM - 7AM) and the whole of weekend because is a Weekend and evening plan. To activate, dial *229*3*13# and you will also receive 100MB WhatsApp data (24/7). It valid for 30days.

How To Stop 9mobile Auto-renewal

You can easily stop 9mobile auto-renewal for weekly, annual, bi-annual, monthly and daily subscription plans by dialling *229*0# and you it will be stopped immediately.

How To Check Data Balance On 9mobile

You can easily check your 9mobile data plan balance by dialling *228# and wonderfully, your data balance will be messaged or popped out immediately.

So is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to purchase any 9mobile data plans, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

FG Finally Approves Tax Reduction For Telecom Firms

Federal government said it had reduce tax payable by the Telecommunications operators in order to enable them improve and expand their services to the hinterland.

Mr. Adebayo Shittu stated this at the 2017 Information Communications Technology and Technology Expo in Lagos, which was organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The minister also said the expansion of telecom services to hinterland would ensure that many people like the underserved and unserved populace, had access to basic services.

Shittu said that the Nigeria Economic Council had approved a policy to harmonise Right of Ways charges payable by telecommunications companies on federal, local and state highways.

He said, "The policy, when it comes to fruition, will minimise the spaces occupied, burden on the roads and reduce taxes payable by the telecoms operators.  
“As such, with the RoW challenges gone, operators can invest in last mile infrastructure, especially fibre, that will boost services."
Reducing the tax payable by telcos will surely improve their services and consumers will be able to enjoy more of their services such as cheaper data plans and others.

What do you think?
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bharti Airtel to Acquire And Buy over of 9Mobile

Bharti Airtel is considering possible buy over of 9mobile - the rebranded Etisalat. Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel has rebranded many number of times.

There are strong indications that Bharti Airtel will emerged as a potential bidder for Etisalat (officially known as 9mobile), as the Indian company is looking to boosts its assets in Nigeria.

France's Orange mobile and United Kingdom Vodafone's had earlier emerged as 9mobile potential bidders. If you recall that the two companies were said to be in strong running to buy 65% of the telco but Vodafone lost the opportunity to operate in Nigeria as the company turned down request by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) to buy the NITEL in the days of GSM.

Currently, Nigeria is Bharti Airtel market where it generates about 30% of its revenues and buying 9mobile would see it overtake Globacom and give the company chance to compete with leader MTN.

Ever since Airtel bought Zain Group’s sub-Saharan African asset, it is not still yet among the top two operators in the country.

What do you think about this?
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How To Get And Earn Free Airtime On GeoPoll App, Checkout!

You can now get and earn free airtime on GeoPoll App. GeoPoll is a mobile surveying app platform transforming the way data are collected and received. It is very easy and simple to earn through this app by just allowing the app to conduct a survey with you. In doing this, you will be able to share your voice and opinions with the world even their partners includes organizations, businesses worldwide and non-profit.

How GeoPoll Works 

Yea! You will always earn money when you complete the survey task. GeoPoll will always send you a survey to complete but your information is safe and collected anonymously and they also promised never to share your personal identifiable information. The questions they ask are very simple with options to answer and sometimes, you input answer yourself.

GeoPoll airtime can be used to make calls, transferred to another number and can also be used to subscribe for data. This app generates alot of airtime that's why you should opt for it.

How To Join GeoPoll And Start Earning Airtime

  • Just download the GeoPoll app on playstore by clicking here.
  • Then register with your phone number and use this code 61MXLAH as your invitation code from friend to earn more.
  • So, you will be getting survey which when completed, you get free airtime.
How To Redeem Your Airtime

Once your money completes N100, you should tap the REDEEM button and get your airtime automatically recharged into your phone number via VTU. So the networks supported are Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN.

You can also share your referrals link to get more airtime credit particularly on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social medias.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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MTN Newly Revamped Data Plans: 50MB And 150MB

Wow! MTN has started data revamping with two data bundles on their list and this is of course, a better chance to await other networks to follow suite but the newly revamped MTN data plans might be small for a core downloader but other data plans will as well be revamped as time goes on.

MTN now offers 50MB for N100 and 150MB for 200naira (both valid for 24hours which is 1day) which were before now 30MB and 150MB respectively. Meanwhile, the 150MB introduced to be for 300naira only.

Below are the MTN revamped data plans:

  • 50MB for 100naira valid for 1 day.
  • 150MB for 200naira valid for 1 day.
  • 150MB valid for 300naira valid 7 day.

Below are data plans awaiting review:

  • 500MB - The weekly bundle.
  • 1.5GB - The monthly bundle.
  • 3.5GB - The monthly bundle.

So, you can now enjoy the newly revamped data plans and as well, awaits for the one to be revamped. Dial *131# and enjoy.

What do you have to say about the newly revamped data plans; cost or cheap?

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Monday, 24 July 2017

9mobile Tariff Plans, Activation Codes And Prices

9mobile, formally known as Etisalat has clean and classic tariff plans that will enable you get double of what you option for or purchase. In every tariff plan, there are a lot of bonus being given to users depending on how active the user uses his or her phone network. There are two types of tariff plans: for getting data and for getting call credit bonus.

This article will disclose all 9mobile tariff plans and their migration codes as a manual to guide you in picking the best plan.

9mobile Tariff plans

  1. 9Mobile Moretalk
  2. 9Mobile morecliq
  3. 9Mobile moreflex
  4. 9Mobile morelife
  5. 9Mobile moreflex advancement
  6. 9Mobile talkzone
  7. 9Mobile cliqlite

You can check the current tariff plan you are by dialling *200*1*6# and if you still want to migrate to a least cheaper or expensive tariff plan for calls, you can follow below.

9mobile Tariff Plans, Migration Codes and Their Advantages

1. 9mobile Moretalk

  • Recharge 200naira and you get 300naira for 7 days and to call five 9mobile numbers on your You & Me list.
  • You get 100naira weekly for 7 days when you recharge 100naira.
  • You get 10MB data week, when you make a weekly recharge of 100naira.
  • Call receiver can pay on your behalf when you make calls without airtime.
  • Normal call rate is 40kb/sec and when you use 25naira daily, it drops to 25kb/sec.
  • To activate 9mobile Moretalk tariff plan, simply dial *244*2# or dial 200 and select 1 to migrate.

2. 9mobile Morecliq

  • You get free midnight calls from 12:30am to 4:30am.
  • Call rate for 9mobile Morecliq to Morecliq drops to 15kb/s when use 25naira daily. 20kb/sec to ordinary 9mobile lines and 30kb/sec to other networks.
  • When you make a recharge of 200naira at least, you get Free 15MB data week by week.
  • Normal call rate to 9mobile network is 20kb/sec and to different networks is 40kb/sec.
  • You can activate or migrate to 9Mobile Morecliq by dialling *244*1# and enjoy!

3. 9mobile Moreflex

  • When you purchase flex of 4000, 10,000 and 20,000, you get 300% reward and when you purchase flex of 300, 500 and 1000, you get more than 300% reward. And also, when you purchase flex of 2000 and 5000, you get 150% reward. You get a third bundle free when you purchase the same flex bundle of 2000 and 5000 sequentially.
  • The normal or default rate is 40kb/sec and N4 on each SMS. However, this may vary on different bundles.
  • When you make a recharge of N5000 or more in a month, you enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 nations. UK (vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (vodacom), UAE (9mobile), Netherlands (KPN) also, Saudi Arabia (mobily). Service is valid for 30 days.
  • You can check the image below for more 9mobile flex packages and plans;

  • To check balance, dial *232# and to quit from all packages, dial *344*0# and enjoy.
4. 9mobile Morelife

  • Calls to all networks rate is 15kb/sec in addition to a daily opening charge of N5.
  • Calls to 7 nations (UK, USA, China, Canada, India, Germany and Malaysia) rate 15kb/sec.
  • SMS is charged at N4 each.
  • You enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on 14 networks in the nation (USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat),  South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), and Egypt (Vodafone).) when you recharge 5000naira or more in a month. Meanwhile, service valid for 30 days.
  • Send 1 to 620 as a text message or dial *620*1# to subscribe.
  • You can check your balance by dialling *232# or affirm the bundle by dialling *244*3#.

5. 9mobile Moreflex Evolution

  • When you purchase Moreflex evolution of 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 voice plans, you get 300% reward. Meanwhile, you'll get more than 300% when you purchase 2000 voice+.
  • Purchase flex evolution 10,000 data, you get up to 7GB data.
  • Recharge of 5,000 or more in a month gives free incoming calls in 14 nations, which are: USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone),  Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), and Egypt (Vodafone). Meanwhile, service valid for 30 days.

  • Dial *320# to activate and *232# to check balance and to quit all Moreflex evolution packages, dial *300*0# and enjoy!

6. 9mobile talkzone

  • You'd get 80% off on calls to other 9mobile networks at the rate of 12kb/sec.
  • You can make calls at rate of 12kb/sec from 12:30am till 4:30am.
  • You can subscribe or activate by basically dialling *244*8# and that's all to enjoy!

7. 9mobile cliqlite

  • Get 10MB weekly on weekly recharge of 100naira to browse all websites and other 5 educational websites with social sitesites
  • You'd get 250% bonus on every recharge, if only you are a new cliqlite users and can be used to call all networks.
  • You get 100% data monthly bonus, if you purchase any data from 100MB to 10GB to browse 5 educational websites and 2 social sites.
  • Normal calls rate is 40kb/sec but when you spend N25 daily, you'd get 20kb/s for cliqlite bonus, other 9mobile network for 25kb/s and other networks at 30kb/s.
  • To subscribe, dial *200# and select 5 in the options and for existing customers, dial *244*10# and enjoy!

These are the 9mobile tariff plans and you can select or migrate to any tariff plan of your choice with less expensive rates or bonus and enjoy!

What's your say about the Tariff plan price and bonus?
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nigerians Should Expect New Data Price Soon - NCC

Umar Garba Dambatta, Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, on Thursday in Abuja, said Nigerians should expect a new data price as soon as an on-going cost-based research is concluded.

According to him;

"We have noticed that the level of data usage is growing. This attests to the earlier assertion by the NCC that data is going to be the next frontier.   
“You recall that NCC attempted to do the interim price floor for data in order to ensure that we do not have a price war in the data sub-segment of the industry. 
“This of course met with resistance from the consumers; and because the NCC is a listening agency, we suspended the interim price floor. 
“As I am talking to you, there is a cost-based study going on in order to arrive at an accepted, affordable data price floor which will come into force as soon as the consultants’ work is concluded. 
“That is, as soon as the outcome of this consultancy that is on-going over data price is discussed,.as usual, and is further consulted upon with other stakeholders who we expect will provide useful information towards arriving at an acceptable price floor for data. 
“We are also looking at other temporary measures in other to ensure that data services improve. 
“We are thinking about providing palliatives to smaller operators in the industry. I‎ mean those with about 7.5 percent share of the market. 
“We are in discussion with them in order to see how we can help them to provide data services in different part of the country even as we are talking with bigger operators to ensure that we find a way to improve the quality of data services.”

What's your say about this?
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9mobile Recorded the Highest Porting Subscribers, See Result!

9mobile, the recently rebranded name which was formally known as Etisalat has the highest porting subscribers as reported by Nigerian telecommunications commission (NCC) monthly porting reports of about 15,253 subscribers migrated from other networks to 9mobile. Wow! That's mazing!

According to the report, 9mobile recorded 15,253 subscribers leaving Globacom, Airtel and MTN for the rebranded telecom company.

Airtel had the second highest incoming porting activity with 2,597 subscribers migrations while MTN had 1,245 migrations and lastly, Globacom had the least incoming migration figures.

The report also showed that 9mobile had only 1,826 users who migrated to other networks which it also excelled than other networks.

Glo had second lowest outgoing migration of about 4,786 subscribers. Airtel recorded 6,540 outgoing migration while MTN recorded outgoing migration of about 6,567 subscribers. This actually means many telecom users migrated out from MTN than other networks.

What's your say about this report from NCC?
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9Mobile And Glo Unlimited Free Browsing on Anonytun VPN + Video

It's never a doubt that Glo unlimited free browsing is up to and more than a year, considering the fact that the offer had been sustaining all students and some businessmen to access their internet, is one of the factor we should praise. 9mobile on the hand, was rated as the best and fastest browsing network in Nigeria especially among its competitors. 9mobile also have its own free 60MB timely based data plan, popularly known as "0.0KB offer" because it can be activated with zero credit.

I could still remember how Glo unlimited saves my money in downloading files that's up to 40GB on my game consoles, phone and as well, stream the hell out of YouTube. Many people could attest to that because it's full chance to activate Unlimited rather than data capped plans.

In this article, you would be acquainted with the settings of how to set 9mobile free browsing on Anonytun and at the same time, you will also learn how to set the Glo unlimited properly on Anonytun VPN (virtual private network) including the 9mobile free browsing video tutorial. Definitely, with this, your worry about the settings will be over.

How To Set Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On Anonytun VPN

  • Download Anonytun VPN by clicking here and launch or open the application.
  • Tap on "Stealth health" and change connection protocol to "HTTP" and connection port to "8080".

  • Now, turn on "Custom TCP/HTTP Headers" and tap on "Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers" and input these settings below;

Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Mark on "User-agent" and leave other boxes unticked.

  • Finally, tap on "Generate", then " SAVE" and connect.

How To Set 9Mobile Free Browsing On Anonytun VPN

  • Download Anonytun VPN by clicking here and launch or open the application.
  • Tap on "Stealth health" and change connection protocol to "HTTP" and connection port to 8080.

  • Now, turn on "Custom TCP/HTTP Headers" and tap on "Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers" and input these settings below;

Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Mark on "User-agent" and leave other boxes unticked.

  • Finally, tap on "Generate", then " SAVE" and connect.

Watch video tutorial on how to activate 9mobile Free Browsing On Anonytun VPN 

Extra: Watch How To Activate 9Mobile Free Browsing on Stark VPN

Use up to the amount you like because nobody will query you. It's still active and gallant as usual. In fact, they are unshakable free browsing settings.
Is it helpful? If it works for you, kindly share your experience and if you encounter any problems or issues, do not hesitate to drop them below in the comment system.
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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Etisalat Confirms Changing Name To 9Mobile, See Logo And Photos!

Lovely photos and logo! Etisalat unveiled new branded logo and photos confirming change of name to 9mobile Nigeria following recent crisis.

The name is seems to be local because we are "9ja" and how come the name "9mobile" and following the logo design, you would notice that there's a break in the logo design and what does that actually means? See the new unveiled logo below.

What's your say about the logo?
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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Cliq4DNite: Etisalat Slashing Out Free 1GB For Users

Cliq4Dnite is a new awoof bonus being slashed out by Etisalat to all of their active customers. If you are an Etisalat user, you should have seen the notification about the free Etisalat awoof bonus of 1000megabytes.

I was given the free 1GB on my two Etisalat sims, making 2GB which last for complete 7 days. So, you just have to dial *228# to check your offer and note that it can only be used from 12am in the night till 5am in the morning till complete 7 days as the name implies.

Have you received yours?
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Loan Real Money into Your Bank Account With Etisalat KwikCash, See how!

Loan real money into your bank account with Etisalat KwikCash. Etisalat collaborated with KwikCash to give users the best features and ultimately, to satisfy their needs.

You might have been in a state where you are stranded because no cash or money to move from that particular state, this Etisalat KwikCash feature might probably be your last hope. Nevertheless, this feature was launched by Etisalat since last year, 2016 and has been in promotion. So, this KwikCash has come to save users out from zero balance.

Etisalat (9mobile) collaborated with KwikCash to give Etisalat subscribers the solution to meet their loan needs. You only need a mobile phone to process the loan by just dialling *561# that allow you access loans of upto N100,000 from your Etisalat line and will be credited instantly to your bank account.

How To Get Loan From Etisalat KwikCash

  • Dial *561# from your dial pad.
  • Select "Request loan".

  • Select preferred loan offer.
  • Select Bank and input your 10-digit NUBAN
  • Then, confirm repayment amount and accept terms and conditions.
  • It will be credited to your bank account instantly.

How To Payback Loan From Etisalat KwikCash

  • Go to your dial pad.
  • Dial *561*1*2# and follow the instructions.
  • It will as well be deducted from your bank account and repayment will be collected instantly.

Note: Everyone is eligible to borrow but eligibility depends on your phone usage; specifically, on how you recharge.

Is it helpful? If you have more questions, kindly ask below and if activated, kindly share your experience!
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How I Activated The Etisalat (9Mobile) 4,000Naira WelcomeBack Bonus

Do not be confused, Etisalat new name had been changed to 9mobile. Some weeks ago, if you could recall my post on Prexblog about the Etisalat slash out bonus of 4,000naira, it is still reigning and working for everyone but based on an eligible task.

A prexblogger was happy to activate the bonus offer which he spread widely on many blogs and forums. So, I decided to try out the bonus and wow! it worked perfectly.

To activate this Etisalat 4,000naira bonus, kindly follow this procedure below;

  • If you have Etisalat Sim that is dormant for complete or over 30 days, you are eligible to activate this bonus.
  • Then, load your 200naira recharge card.
  • Immediately, your recharge is successful, your money will be deducted and replaced with 4,000naira worth of airtime (1,000naira for calls + 3,000naira for data).

See screenshots below;

The 4,000naira instant bonus

Other related bonus


I contacted the customer care and was told that the bonus is eligible for some prepaid customers as a welcome back bonus. It's official!

Activate yours today and share your experience below!
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Etisalat Nigeria Changes Name To 9Mobile

The embattled Etisalat Nigeria rallied to move away from the shadows of its troubles on Thursday, July 13 by taking a new brand name.

At the decisive or crucial management of the telecom firms in Lagos, 9mobile was agreed and unanimously adopted by the company as its brand new name. What a funny name, looks like a local domain name.

Moreover, Hatem Dowidar who is the Chief executive of Etisalat international, said on Monday that Etisalat group would, in the next three weeks phase out the brand in Nigeria.

Though, they had promise that the internal operations will not be affected and the staffs will not be retrenched. Only the name will change and finally, it has changed.

Soon later, you will begin to see the effect of name change from your mobile device. Goodbye Etisalat (Etibaba) lolzz...

What do you have to say about the name?

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Change of Name Won't Affect Etisalat Nigeria Operations

Many people panicked but Etisalat Nigeria on Tuesday officially announced that its change of name won't affect their operations.

Ibrahim Dikko, Vice President, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, EMTS, in a statement said the company was aware of Etisalat decision to pull out or withdraw the right to the continued use of the Etisalat brand in Nigeria.

“Indeed, discussions are ongoing between EMTS and Etisalat Group pertaining to the continued use of the brand.   
“EMTS will issue a formal statement once discussions are concluded.   
“The final outcome on the use of the brand in no way affects the operations of the business as our full range of services remain available to our customers,’’ he said.  

He also added that the brand will continue to portray the Nigeria spirit and character which means, the crisis won't change anything from their operations in Nigeria.

“This notion is strongly reflected in our core messages and depicted in major projects and initiatives, which we have been known to support.  
“All these initiatives have their foundation embedded in supporting key aspects of the Nigerian fabric: building Nigerian businesses and empowering Nigerians with a focus on the youth.  
“Nigeria remains the soul of EMTS’ business and we have made the brand alluring to our teeming subscribers, who see a piece of the spirit and character of Nigeria in everything we do. 
“EMTS is here to stay and we wish to assure our esteemed customers that our core values of youthfulness, customer-centricity, and innovation will remain the pillars on which we operate.   
“We thank our esteemed customers for their abiding faith in us,’’ Dikko said.  

Meanwhile, Etisalat owned consortium of 13 banks $1.2 billion and was reported to have paid 42 percent of the money but still unable to complete the payment due to the recent economy crisis of the country.

Will you miss Etisalat Nigeria,  if they are to move out from the country?
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Discussion: Is This The End Of Etisalat Nigeria?

Is Etisalat Nigeria really moving its brand away from Nigeria? That's the question popping heavily on everybody's mind and looking deeply into the matter, we could at least provide some simplied reason why Etisalat was given three weeks to pull out from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, it was not up to this point as Etisalat had repayed 42% of the money borrowed but when CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) in collaboration with some other banks, intervened in the matter, Etisalat was given just three weeks to back out its brand from Nigeria in order for them to take over the company.

However, I don't want to be sentimental but the truth is that Etisalat Nigeria got loan from the banks when exchange rate was favourable, when Nigeria was together, hoping to pay back at the same rate but things turned around as exchange rate was skyrocketed which means the exchange rate was increased which made the exchange rate twice of the amount it was when the loan was acquired. This means that Etisalat will be paying twice of the money they loaned including interest.

I hope you can see the main reason Etisalat was affected? This is cruelty at its peak and I hope the federal government should just step into this before Nigeria loses all its potential investors.

What do you have to contribute to this? Drop in the comment system below.
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