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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System Now Official, Starts Rollout to Devices

Android 8.0 now got its full name and has starts rolling out to devices. It's Android 8.0 Oreo and was launched to celebrate the eclipse day when the Moon slowly crept its way across the Sun.

For the past few months, a few Developer Previews and Public betas went out. Amazingly, the rumored actually turned out to be what Google chose to call its latest operating system.

The software update will be uploaded by Google engineer to Open Source Project, today. The software update will be available for Nexus and Pixel devices and the final build will be available for those on the Android beta program too.

Google says devices from Huawei, Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony to either be launched with or be upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo. Even the BlackBerry Keyone is officially said to receive the update but the date has not been confirmed.

Moreover, Android 8.0 Oreo comes with picture-in-picture support, notification dots, fully redesigned emoji including over 60 ones, faster boot speed, autofill system-wide, Android instant app support, Google play protect built-in, and limits to background overuse of battery by apps.

What's your say about the Android 8.0 Oreo?

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Monday, 21 August 2017

SHOCKING: This Browser Costs N80,000 on Google Playstore, Checkout!

As I was surfing on Google playstore, only to behold a browser named Ekstar browser Pro which cost N80,000. As shown below;

I wonder what's so special about it. Can you buy a browser app for that amount?
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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Infinix Hot 5 X559 Official Specifications, Features and Price

Infinixmobility have not left the "Hot series" and has updated it with two classic smartphones named, Infinix Hot 5 and Infinix Hot 5 Lite - the light version.

Infinix Hot 5 is touted as "My mobile Cinema" with front dual speaker, Dirac 3D stereo, fingerprint and huge 4000mAh long-lasting battery capacity.

With the aid of the "Dirac Stereo Widening" technology, It creates realistic entertainment with high-impact audio and video. The battery capacity is always there for you to enjoy all your day-to-day activities without battery warning alert.

The fingerprint sensor prevents complicated password and still gives you secure unlocking, wakes dormant apps and still gives privacy control in other applications.

The infinix Hot 5 also comes with 8MP back or rear camera with five internal lens elements and multiple shooting mode that will allow you capture your best moments. Least I forgot, the back camera also have a LED flash that can capture pictures in the night or dark environments.

It also comes with 5MP frontal camera paired with soft flash that can capture pictures in dim lighting conditions.

In performance, it has 2GB RAM with 16GB inbuilt memory storage, expandable to 32GB using a microSD. Powered by  Quad-core Cortex 1.3GHz processor and runs on XOS 2.2 based on Android 7 Nougat.

Specifications and Price of Infinix Hot 5 X559

  • NETWORKS - 2G and 3G supported, no 4G LTE
  • SIM TYPE - Dual micro SIM
  • ANDROID OS - XOS 2.2 based on Android 7.0 Nougat
  • BUILD - Metal
  • COLORS - Champagne Gold, Milan Black, and Ice Blue
  • DIMENSION - 154.8×77.7×8.35mm and 168g weight
  • DISPLAY - IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M colors and 5.5 inch display with 1280 × 720 pixels resolution. It also sjooorts multitouch
  • PROCESSORS - MediaTek 6580 CHIPSET, Quad-core Cortex 1.3GHz CPU and Mali-T720 GPU
  • CAMERA - It has 8MP back or rear camera with LED flash and 5MP front-facing camera with soft flash.
  • MEMORY - It comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB inbuilt memory storage that can be expanded up to 32GB using a Micro SD
  • CONNECTIVITY - 5pin Micro USB OTG, 3.5mm audio jack, 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS, Quick charge, WiFi (WLAN) 802.11 b/g/n, Hotspot, FM radio, EBook reader
  • SENSORS - G-sensor, E-compass, Light, Fingerprints and Proximity
  • BATTERY - 4000mAh battery capacity with Quick charge (2 days for an average user). It has 35hours/24hours talk time with 837hour standby time
  • ACCESSORIES - 1 phone, 1 power adapter, 1 USB-CABLE, 1 user guide, 1 warranty card, 1 earphone, 1 film
  • XOS CHAMELEON - XTheme, Magazine Lockscreen, XShare, Fingerprint, Freezer and XHide
  • PRICE - Infinix Hot 5 retails for 43,000naira to 50,000naira in Nigeria, Ksh 4,100 in Kenya and GH200 in Ghana

The Infinix Hot 5 Lite is the light or scaled-down version of Infinix Hot 5 smartphone. They have few differences: the Hot 5 has fingerprints and 2GB RAM while the Hot 5 Lite has no fingerprints and possessed 1GB of RAM.

What do you have to say about the specifications and price of the Infinix Hot 5 smartphone?
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Infinix Hot 5 Lite Official Specifications, Features and Price

Infinix Hot 5 Lite is the scaled-down and lower version of Infinix Hot 5 X559 smartphone. They are not really different from each others. The Infinix Hot 5 has fingerprints sensor and 2GB of RAM while the Infinix Hot 5 Lite has no fingerprints and only possessed 1GB of RAM.

Infinixmobility has successfully updated their "Hot series" with Infinix Hot 5 Lite smartphone at more cheaper price. In fact, it's pocket-friendly.

It's tagged and touted as the "My Mobile Cinema" with Dirac 3D stereo surrounding, Dual speaker, 16GB + 1GB RAM and long-lasting 4000mAh battery capacity.

In the camera aspect, the 5MP front-facing camera paired with soft flash can be used in taking picture in dim lighting conditions and the 8MP back or rear camera can be used in capturing the best moments.

With the "Dirac Stereo Widening", you will be able to enjoy entertainments with high-impact audio and video. The Infinix Hot 5 lite also has a diamond cutting edge design with regid structure combined with colorful 3D texture to encapsulate beauty and personalized aesthetics.

The long-lasting non-removeable 4000mAh battery capacity can provides at least 2 days usage for an average user. So, you can be rest assured that your battery will take you through the day and next especially when going on a long trip.

In performance, it has 1GB RAM, 16GB inbuilt memory storage and 32GB external storage powered by MediaTek 6580 Quad-core Cortex 1.3GHz processor. No more lagging, slacking, hanging and other phone performance issues.

Specifications and Price of Infinix Hot 5 Lite

  • NETWORKS - 2G and 3G supported, no 4G LTE
  • SIM TYPE - Dual micro SIM
  • ANDROID OS - XOS 2.2 based on Android 7.0 Nougat
  • BUILD - Metal
  • COLORS - Champagne Gold, Milan Black, and Ice Blue
  • DIMENSION - 154.8×77.7×8.35mm and 168g weight
  • DISPLAY - IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M colors and 5.5 inch display with 1280 × 720 pixels resolution. It also sjooorts multitouch
  • PROCESSORS - MediaTek 6580 CHIPSET, Quad-core Cortex 1.3GHz CPU and Mali-T720 GPU
  • CAMERA - It has 8MP back or rear camera with LED flash and 5MP front-facing camera with soft flash.
  • MEMORY - It comes with 1GB of RAM, 16GB inbuilt memory storage that can be expanded up to 32GB using a Micro SD
  • CONNECTIVITY - 5pin Micro USB OTG, 3.5mm audio jack, 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS, Quick charge, WiFi (WLAN) 802.11 b/g/n, Hotspot, FM radio, EBook reader
  • SENSORS - G-sensor, E-compass, Light, and Proximity
  • BATTERY - 4000mAh battery capacity with Quick charge (2 days for an average user). It has 35hours/24hours talk time with 837hour standby time
  • ACCESSORIES - 1 phone, 1 power adapter, 1 USB-CABLE, 1 user guide, 1 warranty card, 1 earphone, 1 film
  • XOS CHAMELEON - XTheme, Magazine Lockscreen, XShare, Fingerprint, Freezer and XHide
  • PRICE - Infinix Hot 5 Lite retails for 31,000naira in Nigeria, Ksh 3,998 in Kenya and GH159 in Ghana

The phone is wonderful especially for those who need pocket-friendly smartphone to do the job for them. It's a budgeted phone from Infinix added in Hot series. 

By looking at the specifications, you might mistake it for Infinix Hot 4 Lite, just that Infinix Hot 4 Lite comes running on Marshmallow and Hot 5 comes running on Nougat and both doesn't support fingerprints. However, Infinix Hot 4 Lite might receive Nougat soon.

What's your say about the specifications and price?

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Prexblog New Mobile Application Comes with Forum Feature, Upgrade now!

Good news! There is now a superb feature added to Prexblog mobile Android application to make communication more easy and simple.

This feature is called a "Forum". It is a place where prexblog users will be able to interact with one another and at the same time, help each others. Meanwhile, the forum is still new and it's only you that can develop it by creating attractive topics to get followers.

In this forum, users can create topics on any of the available forum categories, which are: Education, Religion, technology, sales/markets, love talks, entertainments, and arts. The aforementioned categories consists of many allocated forums e.g the technology forum category consists of phones, browsing solutions, computers, programming, and many more.

Meanwhile, the "forum" feature is integrated into our official mobile Android application on the latest 8.0 version. So, to get this forum feature, you need to download our official app via playstore or if you have formal prexblog app version, kindly upgrade.

Features of Prexblog Mobile Application

1. Prexblog updates notifications: This feature will always alert you whenever there is a new post or article published on prexblog official website.
2. Forum added: This feature will allow you create topics, share topics, comment on peoples post, follow people, read peoples profile and solve your problems instantly.
3. Themes added: You will be able to switch between different colors available on the app.
4. Easier commenting system: You will be able to comment easily on prexblog official website through the application.
5. Offline activities: The app comes with offline feature that will allow you read updates without using data connection.
6. Explore more features...

Where to Download Prexblog Application

Prexblog Application is available on playstore for download. You can download Prexblog Mobile Application by clicking here (remember to give us 5-star).

Join Beta testers

Join Prexblog Application Beta to test our latest app update that is yet to be launched, even before the normal users get the update. Go to playstore>>search prexblog and tap on it>>scroll down and join our Beta tester.

What's your say about the app?
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DYPLUS: Need Language Translators, Interpreters and Tutors?

When it comes to getting your message across people of a different nationalities Nigeria and Africa at large, DY+ Language Solutions is name to trust.. DY+ Language Solutions is a Translation Agency / Interpretation company comprised of professional Tutors, Translators and Interpreters in Nigeria.

We offer a wide range of services such as : Document translation, Conference interpretation, Language tutorials and a lot more. We tend to your language needs in French, English, Portuguese and almost all African languages. for a full list of our services.

We are a dynamic group of professionals and our goal is to make communication accessible to all. We provide various language related services to a client base which include various international organizations, leading financial institutions to top advertising agencies.

So far, our client base is spread across 40 countries and we are constantly expanding our reach to serve you even more.  With the world now becoming a global village, every single language barrier that can hinder the growth of business has to be removed at all cost.

We have a wide range of translation and localization services tailored to making communication easy and affordable to people of different nationality, race or culture. We focus greatly on the ECOWAS and UN official languages.

In summary, if you need language translators, tutors, and interpreters of any kind of languages including Africa languages, you should opt for Dy+ language solution. See more of their services here.

Article sponsored by Onaiwu Destiny. 

What's your say about their services?
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Friday, 18 August 2017

Free Daily 9mobile 60MB Working on Anonytun

The most used 9mobile free browsing freebie has started working back again on anonytun VPN app after the sudden stop.

Some days ago, 9mobile stopped due to heavy users on the proxy server. However, another wonderful and classic proxy server had been gotten to bring back the free browsing.

Considering the free browsing usefulness: you can just open and configure the VPN, then browse, check social media notifications, access some websites, surf the net and scroll through a lot of things on the internet with the allocated daily 60MB data.

Nevertheless, you will be acquainted on how to setup and configure the new proxy server on anonytun VPN app to browse daily.

  • Firstly, download anonytun VPN app by clicking here.
  • Launch the app and tap on "Stealth Settings" and toggle ON "Stealth tunnel" in the next page.
  • Set Connection protocol to HTTP and connection port to 8081.
  • Toggle ON Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and tap on "EDIT Custom TCP/HTTP Headers".

As shown below;

  • In URL/HOST, paste this proxy server
  • Change Request Method to POST and set injection Method to NORMAL.
  • Now under Extra Header; tick on KEEP ALIVE and USER-AGENT.
  • Now, tap on "GENERATE" and finally, tap on "SAVE". 

  • Go back home and CONNECT.
  • Enjoy.

This is how to set up the new proxy server on anonytun VPN app using 9mobile - formally known as Etisalat.

Helpful? Encounter any problems or issues while setting this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

+Forum added. Receive instant solution on technology updates and more updates with our classic notification. Interactive forum added, kindly install our Official app on playstore to get all these tweaks and  updates by clicking here. Enjoy!
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Thursday, 17 August 2017

POLL: What's The Worst Phone You Have Ever Used?

Worst phone you have ever used? This question can be more of the bad experience you have ever encountered with your smartphone.

For me, Infinix Hot 2 was the phone that gave me a lot of problem especially in the battery aspect. It charges for 3 hours and get low within 50 minutes.

What about you?
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Activate MTN Prestige Anniversary Free 750MB Data Valid for 7 days

Good news to MTN users but though not all. In celebration of MTN prestige anniversary, MTN has decided to reward some of its customers with free airtime and data. Free 750MB data plus 120 minutes worth of airtime to call.

The free data and airtime can be used on all devices that can access the internet, such as, PC/desktop, Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Of course, it can also be used to stream, download, among others.

The free data plus airtime which valid for 7 days is only available for selected customers especially those whose SIM are old. Moreover, the free data cannot be shared.

How to Activate free 750MB plus 120 minutes MTN Prestige Anniversary 

  • Go to your phone dialpad.
  • Kindly dial *559*52# to check.
  • After you have checked the bonus, you can start making calls and data.

Helpful? Encounter problems? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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How to Activate Free 50GB Data on MTN Ghana for 6 Months

This is surely a good news to Ghana users who frequently visit prexblog for regular updates. Here comes a legal way to activate free 50GB of data valid for complete 6months.

According to MTN Ghana post on Twitter, it was reported that the freebies goes with the Huawei Ascend Y210 smartphone. However, it can be activated on any type of smartphone irregardless of your smartphone type.

How to Activate MTN Ghana Free 50GB data

  • Go to your SMS box.
  • Send MB to 151 as text message.
  • Immediately, a message will come in this form, saying: "Thanks for using your new phone for MTN. You have been rewarded with Data of freebies of 50GB each months for 6months. Welcome to the new world."
  • You can start browsing as of this time till you get tired.

The data can be used for streaming, downloading, playing online videos and games, social medias and many more.

Helpful? Encounter any problems or issues? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Monday, 14 August 2017

MTN Secretly Reviewed Its Tariff Plans, Checkout!

MTN disabled some tariff plans to promote higher plans without giving prior notice. Recall last year that MTN launched two tariff plans: the MTN Xtra Pro and Xtra Special tariff plans. The MTN Xtra Pro tariff plan was touted and recommended as the cheapest call tariff plan on the network.

What makes Xtra Pro the cheapest tariff plan is the ability of subscribers on the network to make off-net and on-net within the country at a FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec (N6.60KB/min), upon successful access charge deduction of N5 daily.

Unfortunately, it was reported from a source that MTN secretly eliminate and discontinued Trutalk tariff, since 5 April, 2017 and Xtra Pro tariff plan with some other tariff plans from its list of tariff plans. So, these are the available list of tariff plans customers can presently migrate to:

√ MTN Pulse
√ MTN XtraSpecial
√ MTN BetaTalk
√ MTN XtraValue

Customers will no longer be able to migrate to the following plans below, but customers on these plans can migrate out to other available tariff plans but can never migrate back again.

× MTN TruTalk (Old)
× MTN BetaTalk(Old)
× MTN SuperSaver
× MTN SmoothTalk
× MTN iPulse
× MTN Zone

Before XtraPro tariff plan was discontinued on the 5th of April, 2017, the code for migration was *401#, but presently, if you choose to go back or migrate to the Xtra Pro tariff plan, you will get a prompt telling you that you are already an existing MTN tariff plan customer as well as giving you the MTN pulse code for direct migration which is *406#.

What's your say about this MTN review? Do you think is appropriate for MTN to just eliminate and discontinued the cheapest call tariff plan?

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 Now Available, See Key Specs, Price And Unboxing Images!

The anticipated Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 is now available in the mobile market with some astonishing features. It is the upgraded version of the Infinix Note 4 and both of them was launched under the Note series.

The phone was hyped to come with X-PEN using air command to bring more interesting experience. It comes with 4500mAh battery capacity with fast charging technology called XCharge 4.0; a quick 30minutes charge replenishes your battery for the whole day and 5mins charge gives 250mins talk time. Nothing is so cool as having an improved charging experience from your smartphone.

It supports 4G LTE and powered by Octa-core processor coupled with 3GB of RAM, 32GB inbuilt memory storage and can be expanded up to 128GB using a microSD. These features gives good user experience and therefore, eliminate hanging, lagging, slacking and error messages. In fact, is good for gaming.

Key Specifications of the Infinix Note 4 Pro X571

  • NETWORKS - 2G, 3G and 4G LTE
  • OS - Android 7.0 Nougat, XOS 2.2
  • PROCESSOR - MediaTek 6753 CHIPSET, Octa-core 1.3GHz CPU and ARM MALI-T720 MP3 450MHz GPU
  • CAMERA - 13MP back camera and 8MP frontal camera with Dual LED flash
  • MEMORY - 3GB RAM, 32GB inbuilt memory and can be expanded up to 128GB using a microSD
  • BATTERY - 4500mAh Li-Po battery capacity with XCharge 
  • PRICE - It costs 66,000naira in Nigeria, costs KSh 22,000 in Kenya while the price in Ghana starts at 1045 GH₵

Unboxing Images of Infinix Note 4 Pro X571

The 5.7 inch IPS display screen and pack

Charger, Earpiece and phone (Infinix Note 4 Pro)

When opened, you see phone then the charger

Phone held

Real racing game on Infinix Note 4 Pro

All accessories on display

The 13MP back camera with LED flash

Back pack on display

Earpiece and head charger in pack

Front pack on display


Charger and Earpiece

Locations to Get Your Infinix Note 4 Pro


• SLOT 1 - MEDICAL ROAD  7030908686
• 3CHUB AWOLOWO  - AWOLOWO WAY  7030908686





You can check for more stores by clicking here.

Looking and considering the specifications, you will found out that the main difference between Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro are the memory, battery and astonishing X-PEN that gives air commands.

What's your say about the phone?
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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Download HD YouTube Videos Using Glo 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing

Some months ago, I updated the Glo unlimited free browsing which has been sustaining many Android smartphone users till date. It can be used to download but the settings to make it download YouTube videos wasn't dropped, which will be dropped here in this article.

Feeling the speed of Glo in a good network coverage area makes the user enjoy the unlimited data as if he or she is on top of the world. The data is unlimited and has no limit i.e is not capped.

In this tutorial, you will be acquainted on how to download YouTube videos with the Glo Unlimited Free Browsing from your Android phone.


  1. An Android phone.
  2. Glo SIM without credit.
  3. UC mini handler app.


  • Firstly, set up your UC mini handler with Glo settings and save.
  • After that, visit and search for the video you want to download and click on it.
  • After you have clicked on the video, scroll down a bit and you will see two links for "Watch Video" and "Share Video".

  • Kindly hold the "Share video" link and many options will pop out, tap on Page Info and click on COPY.


  • Now visit in a new tab, scroll down and input in the box space and click on GO.
  • In the next page, paste the YouTube URL you copied earlier in the box provided and finally click on "Download MP4".

  • Your video will be downloaded successfully depending on the File format you select.

You can watch the video below, if you don't understand;

You can download .Mp4 format using the tutorial above which is in HD and very clear.

Helpful? Encounter any problems or issues? Ask questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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Free WiFi to be Launched in All Nigerian Universities by Surfwella

Cyberspace Network Limited, an INDIGENOUS 4G operator, is launching a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative which will connect all universities in Nigeria in order to boost students academic performance and research works. The free WiFi facility known as Surfwella will be made available to all Nigeria universities today.

The Free WiFi will first be made available to university of Abuja followed by Lagos State University (LASU), University of Lagos (UNILAG) and college of Agric, Lafiaji. This will be launched across all universities in Nigeria.

According to Olusola Bankole, the Chief Marketing Officer, Surfwella, said the service will be on "no payment, no subscription, no data purchase, and no need for modems basis".

He added that, "its our own form of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is all about empowering the students to be globally competitive, and access to free Internet is the best way to empower the next generation.”

What's your say about this?
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See How to Choose A Smartphone that is Smart for you

If you are looking for how to ignore varieties of smartphones and make up your mind in choosing your choice, this article will definitely help you conquer that attitude. When, you finally made up your mind in choosing a smartphone but may find it difficult to make a choice among the many brands and varieties of smartphones on display at the phone store.

I have fallen in this situation before when making a budget in choosing my smartphone but the display of many phone brands made away my primary choice and later bought Infinix Hot 4 Pro instead of Tecno Camon CX.

If you do not decide intelligently on your choice, you might end up buying a smartphone that does not make things smarter for you. There are some phone stores that retails over 20 different brands of smartphones such as: Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, Huawei, iTel, Motorola, Samsung and lots more which might divert your attention on other phones.

So, these are some classic clues that will help you in choosing the right smartphone.

1. BUDGET - This is the most important thing to consider before deciding on buying a smartphone because you don't want to buy a smartphone and later go broke. Moreover, you should also know that features of inexpensive smartphone can be more than expensive one.

So, properly check the features of smartphones within your budget first before you decide to go for a more expensive one. If you find all the features you need in a smartphone falls within your budget, there is no need then in going for expensive one.

2. OPERATING SYSTEM (OS) - There are many smartphone manufacturers that provides system update for their users to fix bugs and other errors. In fact, operating system is very important in a smartphone because is a software that runs the phone. You could choose from operating systems like Windows, Android and iOS.

Android and Windows are available on many smartphone brands, while iOS is only available on Apple brands. If you decides on choosing Apple brand, you should be prepared for a huge budget.

3. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION - In buying a smartphone, the main thing to consider is the system configuration because is responsible for the performance of your smartphone and how the smartphone operates.

The system configuration are the network type (2G,3G, 4G...), camera, battery capacity, RAM, ROM, external memory, connectivity, camera power, processor, screen resolution and among others.

You will find devices using good processor but the RAM might spoil it and decrease its performance because they almost carry out same functions. Try to get at least 3GB RAM or above and multiple processor to boost your smartphone performance to eliminate hanging, lagging and others.

To browse faster, you should choose a smartphone that supports 3G or 4G network type. In battery capacity, I recommend 3,000mAh and above.

4. UTILITY FEATURES - If you prefer a smartphone that is Smart, you should go for the one with utility features. Some smartphones are usually bundled with features like GPS, MP3, E-mail and video player.

If your work requires you to stay connected to the internet throughout the day, but you prefer listening to music. You should consider an utility featured smartphone because is better than carrying an MP3 device separately.

5. AFTER-SALE SERVICE - It is wiser to pick a brand that offers after-sale service. Giant brands like Samsung and Apple offers this service even in Nigeria, Tecno, Infinix, Apple, Samsung and lots more have after-sale service centre.

I hope these tips help you in getting a smartphone that is smart for you? You can add more tips in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

August 11 Declared as "Free Glo Data Day"

Browsing is one of the important tasks a smartphone user performs because it keeps everyone connected to the internet. Glo recently declared 11th of August as a "Free data day" which can be activated by exisiting or new users irregardless of their tariff plan.

This certainly means that all users of Glo network are entitled to enjoy the "Free Data Day" offer only when they recharge a minimum of N250 or above within 7 days. Another way to get eligible for the offer is by using 100MB data and N150 on calls within 7 days.

The Free data can be used on PC, laptop, phone, modem, iOS devices and among others. No fair policies apply.

What's your say about this offer?

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Why VPNs Are A Safer Choice Than Proxies, Checkout!

Over the past several years, there has been a debate about which is safer—proxies or VPNs. Both proxies and VPNs allow users to mask their online identities and change their IP addresses. In this manner, both of them allow users relative anonymity on the internet.

For the average internet user who doesn’t know much about online security, VPNs and proxies might not seem much different. But it is important to recognize the differences between the two tools so that you can stay at your safest online and avoid hackers, fraudsters, and cyber criminals. After all, the last thing you want to do is have your personal information compromised while you are trying to stay safe online.

VPN and Proxy Usage Has Skyrocketed

The usage of VPNs and proxies has jumped significantly because a greater share of internet users are looking to keep their personal data safe. There are also more users than ever who want unfettered access to the internet.

With so many countries restricting the internet and blocking sites and particular types of content, it is easy to see why more people are turning to proxies and VPNs. Both tools help to open up the internet by giving users access to the web without having being curtailed by government content blocks.

Proxies Have Security Vulnerabilities

Proxies might seem like a great option, especially for the novice internet user who isn’t well-versed in the world of cyber security. But proxies have a number of issues. They are notoriously difficult to setup, they don’t always hide your online traffic well, and they don’t secure your data at all. In fact, if a hacker (or the proxy company) decided to target you, they could use the proxy to track all of your online activities while you are using the proxy. Bad news!

Choose a VPN and Encrypt Your Online Activities

If you want to make sure that you are keeping your online activities safe, then it is important to use a VPN. VPNs encrypt all of your online activities and communications, so that your online history is completely private and anonymous. If a hacker even could access your online data, they wouldn’t be able to decipher the encryption. VPNs are the safest option for internet users who are looking to stay anonymous online and keep all of their personal information protected.

Betwen VPN and Proxy, which do you prefer?
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Monday, 7 August 2017

Keystone Bank Introduces *533# USSD Mobile Banking Code

Check account balance, pay bills, pay for recharge cards, send money and perform other basic transactions with new short code Keystone bank had introduced. This short code *533# doesn't require internet access and can be dialed on any type of phone.

This feature comes when other Nigeria banks had successfully introduced their respective short USSD mobile banking code. 

According to Mr. Ernest Obi, the bank's Divisional Head, E-business channels, said the *533# code is reliable and can be used to make or perform third-party transfers to both Keystone bank and other account holders in Nigeria.

However, to initiate transfers to Keystone bank account and other beneficiaries in other banks, simply dial *533*Amount*Nu BAN number* from the number you registered with Keystone.

You can also top up by dialling *533*Amount# and from third-party, it can be done by dialling *533*Amount*Phone number#. Customers will require the 4-digit PIN created at registration to authenticate each transaction.

Helpful? What's your say about this Keystone short code?

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New 9mobile Night and Weekend Data Plans

9mobile (formally known as Etisalat) has successfully released and unveiled new data plans for their customers or consumers. These plans mainly based on night and weekend.

Some days ago, 9mobile unleashed some set of data plans: for monthly, weekly and daily. However, these new set of data plans recently launched, can be used during the night and day even during the week and month.

Another reason I love these data plans is that they can be used on any devices such as: PC, Tablet, Android, iPhone and others. You don't need VPN to use them but are time limited based on their designed task.

List of 9Mobile Night and Weekend Plans

NIGHT and Weekend PLANS:

1. 2GB for N1,000 - This night plan can be used from 7PM till 6:59AM weekdays for 30 days. If you download heavily and like to browse in the night without sleeping, this might be suitable for you to toll over the night on the internet.

To activate, dial *229*3*12# and it can even work 24hours on weekends.

2. 5GB for N2,000 - This data plan is wonderful for those who love to download and stream in the night. It can be used from 7PM till 6:59AM weekdays for 30 days.

To activate, dial *229*3*13# and can even work 24hours on weekends with extra 100MB data which allows you access WhatsApp 24hours in weekdays and weekends.

3. 1GB for N200 - This data plan can be used from 12AM till 5AM and valid for only 1 day. It can be activated by dialling *229*13*11#.

Note: Make sure you subscribe the 200naira for 1GB from 12AM till 5AM not before the time in order not to lose money.

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Activate MTN 100% Double Data without Tweaking IMEI Number

MTN 100% double data offer doubles your purchase data. Normally, the bonus will be activated automatically by MTN once you insert your SIM on any eligible smartphone but this article will show you how to activate the offer using another easier method.

Nevertheless, I published an article in activating the 100% double data offer by tweaking IMEI number of your phone but this article will definitely put an end to that method. Regardless of your phone type, you will be able to activate the 100% double data using just a USSD code.

So, if you are using an iPhone, Tablet, Android and any type of phone, you will be able to activate the offer without tweaking your IMEI and rooting of your phone.

MTN 100% double data works in a wonderful way. If you buy 500MB weekly data plan from MTN, it will be doubled to 2GB and vice versa.

How to Activate MTN 100% Double Data without Tweaking or Rooting

Go to your phone SMS message or Dialpad;

1. Send DOUBLE to 131 as a text message.
2. Send PROMO to 131 as a text message.
3. Finally, Send FREE to 131 as a text message.

After that, you will receive three messages saying;

1st message: "Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect."

2nd message: "Y'ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don't resend your request. Thank you!"

3rd message: "Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#".

If you receive the last or third message, you can proceed to subscribe to any data plan and it will be doubled immediately. You can subscribe for the daily data plan of 50MB for N100 and if it works, you can then subscribe to higher data plans to get your data doubled.

Note: The third message determines your eligibility for the offer, so you must receive the third message and you can only subscribe to MTN data plan by dialling *131*1# and not other way.

How to Check Data Balance

You can always check the data balance by dialling *131*4# or send 2 to 131 as a text message.

Helpful? Encounter any problems or issues, you can ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!
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