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» » Who Else Have Received The Unlimited Glo "Free Data"?

Friday, 11 August 2017

Who Else Have Received The Unlimited Glo "Free Data"?

Early this morning, the Free 200MB was activated on my SIM and my friend's own.

Who else have received the data?


  1. I have received mine. Though it's not that much. Glo can never make anything totally free. I'm just using my Uc mini cheat to download YouTube videos

  2. Lolz. . .i tink it will be unlimited dnt no it's just 200mb

  3. I haven't receive my,but don't bother self because of there terrorist network

  4. Don't Fancy their network cos tis too slow.crawl like snail.Don't really care about free data that I will not be able to utilize to the full

  5. never received a byte. it's just 200Mb Na. no stress.but they tried sha o. but why did they give some and ostracise others

  6. not suppose to be called unlimited data.... 200mb for that matter


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