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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

BRT Buses Now Equipped With Free Public Wi-Fi, Checkout!

I think it's now time for everyone to start using BRT buses in Lagos state for transport because is now equipped with free public WiFi with fabulous and extraordinary speed that can turn on your phone Apps in one second hmmm just like 4G, if the Wi-Fi is to be compared.

As I was surfing through the internet today, a guy said he entered a blue BRT bus in Lagos and there was free public Wi-Fi which he did enjoyed by connecting easily to it. See the screenshot of the free Wi-Fi and it's speed measured below;

So, if you are in Lagos, you can now enjoy free Wi-Fi on BRT buses and once you observe that your data has finished, you should board a BRT bus and enjoy unlimited free data till mama call. Thanks to Lagos state government for that feature.


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  1. very gud,Lagos isv really becoming a smart city as d governor is planning.......keep it up ambode

  2. Bro Lagos deserved all this if we looking for development

  3. hmm nice improvement. pray we should also have this kind of development in Edo

  4. hmm nice improvement. pray we should also have this kind of development in Edo . Benin city to be precise

  5. Replies
    1. Ikorodu side....The feature is now on all BRT buses.


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